Multi Pop-up Links Menu Sandeep Gangadharan

Sandeep Gangadharan

Custom Location Bar 1.0

Using this script your viewers can go to any URL they want by just typing it in the text box on the webpage. After typing in the URL they must click the Go button. This script is especially useful when you add it to a pop-up window that has ...

Popup Checkbox Navigation Menu 1.0

This script opens a small popup window containing a checkbox navigation menu.It helps you to save space on your Web page.

Checkbox Links 1.0

With the help of this script you will be able to put up unique checkbox navigational links on your web-pages instead of the standard links.

Expandable Sliding Links Menu 1.0

With the help of this script you can put up a non-intrusive links menu on your web pages. Only an edge of the links menu will be visible. Hovering the mouse on top of the edge slides out the links menu.
You can add any number of links to ...

Floating Collapsible Menu 1.0

The menu can be placed at either the left or right side of the window.

Floating Menu Javascript 1.0

The menu will always hover in the same place on the page even when you scroll down the page. You can add any number of links to the menu, or completely change the appearance of to the menu, to best suit your needs.
The placement of the ...

Pop-up Links Menu 1.0

This script creates a menu that opens in any desired place near or around a link. The popup links will automatically disappear after 5 seconds or if the link is clicked again when the pop-up menu is open.
This time within which the ...

Custom Tooltip 1.0

This script can help users by adding colourful tooltips to links

Button Pop-up Links Menu 1.0

Also you can add any number of links to the menu to best suit your needs.

Remote Drop Down Navigation Menus 1.0

If you have to put up the same Drop Down Navigation menu on many of your web-pages this script will prove useful. With the help of this script whenever any changes are to be made in the Drop Down menus, you will have to edit just one .js file ...

Floating Drop Down Navigation Menu 1.0

With the help of this script you can put up a drop down navigation menu on your website in such a way that it floats on the page in any particular location that can be set.
The menu hovers at the same place even if you scroll down the ...

Collapsibe Menu 1.0

Such hidden links are mostly related to the main link which opens them.

Changing Value Button Link 1.0

This script generates a button link to different websites. The text on the button changes every two seconds.
If users want to go to the Netscape website they will have to wait till the value of the button changes to 'Netscape' before ...

Pop-up Checkbox Navigation Menu 1.0

This script opens a small pop-up window containing a unique checkbox navigation menu, smack on the button that triggers the function.
After the pop-up window opens you can choose to go to any of the given links. When any one checkbox is ...

Always On Top Links Menu 1.0

This script helps put up links on top of the page that always stay on top even if you scroll down the page.

Open Links Option 1.0

It is simple to set-up and completely unobtrusive.

Drop-Down Menu with Explanatory Text 1.0

This drop-down navigation menu includes a textarea inside which explanatory text regarding the respective links are shown when any of the links are selected.
This helps the users decide whether or not to go to those links after the ...

Tab Menu with Link Description or Sublinks 1.0

This tabbed navigational menu is similar to the one seen at the Yahoo! News site.

Link Description Tooltip 1.0

This script helps in providing information in the form of a tooltip about link(s). It can be used for both image links as well as text links as shown in the example below.
If you hover the mouse over any of the links, descriptive text ...

Changing Value Drop Down Link 1.0

This script changes the value of a drop down menu every two seconds.