Multiple pages oxyscripts


Display Your IP 1.0

You could use this in a visitor log, or just for novelty value

Get browser type 1.0

This neat little snippet displays your browser type, could be used for displaying on your website or a log file or something.

Print Time Function 1.0

print_time formats time and prints it using a time stamp formating string.

Page loading time 1.0

It can also be used for other things I guess...

Display Referer 1.0

You could use this in a site log, or just to inform the visitors.

XML Parsing Class 1.0

Quick and dirty XML parsing class used to parse the news feeds from other sites.

Simple Alert Dialog 1.0

A simple Alert box that you can make popup wherever you want it to!

Delete data 1.0

Needs to have $delete defined by a form or something.

Check for cookies 1.0

After running this, it will display a message telling you if cookies are enabled or disabled on your browser.

Non-cachable Pages 1.0

Just add this code at the top of the page before any characters are sent, even before a newline.

Killer Loop 1.0

Print the word SPAM a 1000000 times on page, might make the browser crash!! Not very useful, this is just an example of a loop.

Block multiple email addresses 1.0

- change localhost, username, and password to your own information

Thumbnail Generator 1.0

Use this script so you don`t have to go and generate new thumbnails every time you want to update your gallery.

Search Google with PHP 1.0

Searches Google for the keywords you specify and returns the first result as a link.

Connect to MySQL server 1.0

A very easy way to connect to a MySQL DB, it displays an error message if its not connecting right.

Gzip Compression 1.0

This script radically reduces loading time by sending HTML in a compressed format.

Auto Hyperlink URLs and Emails 1.0

This snippet can be useful if you're creating your own mini forum or guestbook

Write to file 1.0

This snippet shows how to use fopen, fputs and fclose to write to a file.

Simple Calculator 1.0

In this example it adds two numbers together, but a little editing and it can subtract, divide and multiply.

Mail snippet 1.0

Send mail easily using PHP's mail() function.