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Scott Hirsch

Getfile 1.0

The moved file must be on the MATLAB path.

goto 1.0

· MATLAB 6.5 or higher


It will take the user to the previous directory he was on.

Timestr 1.0

The input is timestr(D), where D is a serial date number (as returned by DATENUM).


By calling the script it opens an HTML differencing report comparing two structures.

Test and Measurement Widgets 1.0

· MATLAB 7 or higher

Thermometer 1.0

· MATLAB 6.5 or higher

daqtriggerreshape 1.0

When we grab data which spans multiple triggers, the data is separated by NaNs

Real time octave analysis 1.0

Works with any analog input source from the Data Acquisition Toolbox.

Interfacing to External Devices 1.0

- Data Acquisition Toolbox

Counter Example 1.0

· MATLAB Release: R13

HP 8510C Demo 1.0

· MATLAB Release: R12

Acoustic Tracker 1.0

This is an updated version of the demo cited below.

Data Acquisition Start/Stop Button 1.0

HBUTTON = DAQSTOPBUTTON(...) returns a handle to the start/stop button.

CircuitTool 1.0

· MATLAB Release: R14

Spectrogram Scope 1.0

· MATLAB 7 or higher

Data Analysis Webinar Case Study 1.0

- Signal processing of a .wav file with the Signal Processing Toolbox

Dragndrop 1.0

· MATLAB 6.5 or higher

xlswritefig 1.0

It can work with theXLSWRITE function.