Net::Amazon::S3 Ryan Grove

Ryan Grove

NotFTP 1.3.1

NotFTP is a fully-featured and easy to use Web-based HTTP-FTP gateway written in PHP.

jsmin-php 1.0

It is a direct port of Douglas Crockford's JSMin (jsmin.c) to PHP code.

jsmin 1.0.1

News in the current jsmin version:

LazyLoad 2.0.0

Most important functions of LazyLoad:

cssmin 1.0.2

Most important functions of cssmin:

Sanitize 1.2.1

Most important functions of Sanitize:

JSHint 1.0

· JavaScript enabled on client side

Weld 1.0

This can be done at runtime, at build time or both.

Crackup 1.0.1

Crackup is a pretty simple, pretty secure remote backup solution for folks who want to keep their data securely backed up but aren't particularly concerned about bandwidth usage.

Trogdor 1.0

Written in JavaScript, it uses the Yahoo! Search BOSS API.

Thoth 0.2.1

Most important functions of Thoth: