Online Database Mingyi Liu

Mingyi Liu

AutoComplete Menu 1.0

AutoComplete Menu allows you to simplify your website navigation system.

Perl Entrez Gene Parser 1.0

This program is a parser that abstract a data structure from a given Entrez Gene record, and users of the parser can decide what to do/extract from the data structure.
Perl Entrez Gene Parser project provides Perl parsers for NCBI's ...

Javascript for sorting HTML tables 1.0

- Support for user-supplied sorting function for any custom data type.

Auto-complete type-ahead dropdown menu 1.0

Makes smart dropdown menu in Internet Explorer that auto-completes what user types

HTML table sorting JavaScript 1.30

Script to sort any table(s) on your html page, easy-to-use, X-browser and sorts many formats

TableTools - Sort/Search/Filter/Sum/Copy HTML Tables 3.00

Sort/search/filter/summarize/copy your HTML tables, < 1min setup

Personal Online Database 5.32

Personal Online Database (POD) is a powerful C cgi script that creates and manages a database for you. It can be customized into different databases that co-exist on the same web server.
The html interface to access the database is ...