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Water Marking an image 1.0.0

We add a transparent image using the GD library

Resizing an Image 1.0.0

This scripts resizes a jpg image taking into consideration a maximum width or height

Compressing files for backup 1.0.0

Online tool to compress files or/and directories into tar.gz

Simple xml parsing 1.0.1

this script parses dataset from an xml file and displays it within a table

Smooth div box apparition & hiding 1.0

using the setInterval and clearinterval functions, this code can display a box smoothly

Mouse Over Table Rows 1.0.0

Highlight of a row on mouse over

Controling input form 1.0.0

This script filters out unwanted characters from an input box

Selecting several checkboxes in one click 1.0.0

While selecting one checkbox, all children are being checked too

Simple Google Sitemap Generator 1.0

This script generates the Google sitemap from an Url

A Calendar 1.0

This script displays a calendar using the current date by default.

Showing and Hiding a Div Box 1.0

Showing and hiding a div box containing text with a single click

Generate a tag cloud 1.0.0

This script generates a tag cloud using data contained inside a database

Showing & Hiding div box 1.0

Showing & Hiding div box javascript shows the simplest way to handle the showing & hiding of a div box. It's easy to add features such as displaying a when the box is closed and a - once opened.

Description, title & keywords of a Web Page 1.0

This kind of script can easily be implemented and adapted inside a search engine robot.

Mysql Select Query 1.0

This script retrieves the number of rows and display the results

Generating an Html page dynamically 1.0.0

This script takes the text from a form and echoes it on a page