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Drag and Resize 1.0

Drag and Resize javascript allows you to resize and move an image on-line

High Explosive Link 1.0

Click on the image link and you will be blown right into the desired website

Magic Background 1.0

Magic Background is a DHTML background animation. This JavaScript Uses the opacity filter tag from Internet Explorer 4 and higher to produce a unique fade-in-fade-out rotation between several background images.

Crazy Jumping Wall-Ball 1.0

This script shows a ball that plays pong with the borders of your page. The power of DHTML animations without wasting loading time and bandwidth is revealed by this simple script.

Alarm clock 1.0

Alarm clock can play a midi or alert you with a text message on set time.

TETRI Script 1.0

TETRI Script allows you to play a classic Tetris game.

FACE Game 1.0

FACE Game script looks like the Invader game, but is made with ASCII characters.

Five in a Row 1.0

In this JavaScript implementation, the game is played on a 15x15 board

Random Number Javascript 1.0

Random Number Javascript is a lottery game type.

Mouse Over Image 1.0

Mouse Over Image javascript will allow you to show an alert message when the user moves the mouse over over an image.

Radio Button Alert 1.0

Radio Button Alert causes an alert to pop-up when mouse is moved over the radio button

Goodbye Alert 1.0

Goodbye Alert does exactly that. With the use of this JavaScript you can display an alert when the user clicks on any link that will cause him or her to exit your website. When you exit the web page an alert will pop-up.

Character Counter 1.0

You can use this script to limit the number of characters allowed in an input box

Confirm/Cancel Alert - New Window 1.0

Confirm/Cancel Alert - New Window will Alert the user if he wishes to open a new webpage in a separate window.
If the user clicks on Confirm the script will open a brand new window if the user says cancel however the message will go away. ...

Image Preview 1.0

Image Preview javascript allows you to make a kind of image preview

ImageFactory 1.0

ImageFactory javascript randomly spread images on your pages. It allows you to add a little magic to your image presentation.
First you will see only the debris of your image randomly spread out all over the computer screen.
Then ...

Body Mass Index 1.0

Just enter your height and your weight, and this JavaScript can use a formula created by the Panel on Energy, Obesity, and Body Weight Standards to figure out your Body Mass Index.
This index classifies you into one of several ...

Armor Penetration Calculator 1.0

Armor Penetration Calculator can help you figure armor penetration.

Multiply X By X Calculator 1.0

This is a very simple, very limited calculator that only does multiplication. This script is perfect if multiplication is all you are looking for.

Group Work 1.0

Ever had to work with another person to complete a task? This calculator will tell you how long it would take two people to complete the task if you know how long it would take each person to complete the task individually.