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PHP PayPal Payment Processor 1.0

This is an easy to use, easy to set up Pay Pal Payment Processor. This script sets up in minutes and is highly customizable.
In the config.php file simply set up the variables. Everything you see in the form can be customized. The text, ...

AT's Wysiwyg Editor 

Editor includes spellcheck (IE ONLY) and image uploading (using PHP)

Dynamic Wysiwyg Editor 1.0

Dynamic Wysiwyg Editor is a dynamically configurable wysiwyg editor. By simply logging into a php password protected page you can update which features your end user can use!
This uploader has the following capabilities: resize the image ...

PHP Clean Poll 1.0

This script is perfect if you would like the ability to have a poll on your webstite.

PHP Easy Photo Gallery 1.0

Self Install Script:

PHP Clean Calendar 1.0

This script is perfect if you would like the ability to list your event calendar online.

IMAGIZE Captcha / Image Verification 1.0

The goal of this CAPTCHA SCRIPT is to stop spammers, and automated programs or scripts from making post and/or submitting an online form.
There are many free tutorials out there on accomplishing this process. This script sets up in 5 ...

PHP Restaurant Menu Script Classic 3.3

PHP Restaurant Menu Script Classic is a very intuitive, easy to use menu script.

PHP Easy Forms v1.1

Packed with features

MySQL Automated Back-Up Script 1.5

Automatically back up MySQL database

MySQL Automated Back Up 1.0

The instructions included will walk you right through the process!