PHP Functions for detecting Spiders and Small Screen Devices

Delicious Rank 1.0

Delicious Rank displays the number of times that an article has been bookmarked at delicious.
Just use “webprof_delicious::show()” in the loop in them loop in your templates. If you want it to display even when there are no ...

Resize Images JavaScript 1.0

This script allows you to post oversized images to forums and blogs without performing any formatting of your site.
It reduces the images size to a specified width and maintains the aspect ratio of the image. The user can click on the ...

invisiText 1.0

Then decrypts and writes the text to the screen via javascript.

User Agent Detector 1.0

- Function for testing if a useragent matches that of a spider

Cycle Class 1.0

Cycle is a PHP class for iterating through a list of strings.

cNodes 1.0

The class requires the use of PEAR::DB.

Text2Image 1

Script to convert text to a image of specified width, with word wrapping

PHP Typo Generator 1.0

Simple php class to generate common typos of words.

PHP Tree Structure stored in MySQL database 1

cNodes is a php class to store and manipulate tree structure in a mysql database.

Mod Rewrite Made Easy 

Function that makes using mod rewrite easy

Parse Apache Logs with PHP 1.00000001

Quick and dirty example of how to parse CLF logs ( thats the commong format used by apache ) with ph

Fetch Proxies 1.0

Fetch Proxies is just a couple of functions used to pull lists and test proxies for implementing in other scripts.
The demo version only pulls 2 pages but is still quite slow because is checking multiple proxies. The test_proxy function ...

PHP Logs Parser 1.0

The script is operating system independent.

PHP Typo Generation Class 1.0

The Typo Generator Class is a php class that generates lists of common typos.