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Star Rating 1.0

It can be added to any PHP dynamic or HTML static page.

eBay Store Integration 

Need to display your eBay Store products on your own website? This nifty solution makes use of the eBay API and allows you to display pictures, prices, categories and more on your own website.

Simple User Counter 

Setup is easy! Just upload a single PHP script to your website and away you go.

Ultimate Client Manager 

This feature packed system lets you easily keep all your customer and project details in one place

Newsletter System 

This is a feature packed easy to use newsletter system that you can host on your own website!

PHP Site Map 1.0

The site map will create links for every items in the list.

Simple Website Comments 

This website component allows you to easily place a “comment block” on any page of your website.

Background Text Generator 

Every now and then a customer wants their website background to be random words.

PHP Newsletter System 1.7

Simple to use email system for sending out bulk professional newsletters to your database.

Envato Statistics Dashboard 1.1

Most important functions of Envato Statistics Dashboard: