Page Flip FX FlashXML


3D Carousel Menu FX 0.2.5

The carousel is completely customizable through an XML file.

Dock Menu FX 0.2.5

It is completely XML customizable, without using Flash.

Text Menu FX 0.2.5

Setup Process:

Accordion FX 0.2.5

The user can place this Accordion on any website for free without even using Flash.

3D Stack FX 0.2.5

All images and gallery settings can be customized using XML.

Image Zoomer FX 0.2.5

The image zoomer can be completely customized by editing an XML file.

Dock Gallery FX 0.2.6

Most aspects of the gallery can be customized via an XML file.

Image Slider FX 0.2.6

The slider can be fully configured by editing values in an XML file.

3D Wall FX 0.2.6

Setup Process:

Cover Flow FX 1.0

Most important functions of Cover Flow FX:

Banner Rotator FX 1.0

Most important functions of Banner Rotator FX:

Pyramid Gallery FX 1.0

All animation, CSS and tooltip properties can be set through the XML file.