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File class 1.0

The file base class can open text or binary files for reading or writing. It can also obtain the file size, owner user and group, the file name and suffix, set or retrieve the read or write position, write data or copy to another file.
A ...

Validate String 1.0

Validate String is a validation class for validation of misc strings.

database classes 1.0

Very easy database layer to connect to different database types. Easy switching between different database types! With this class you can do queries to the following database servers:
- mSQL
- MS SQL Server
- ...

HTML Info 1.0

It can retrieve the title, meta data, images and links.

domain 1.0

First translate the domain and the check it normally with the domain class.

URL class 1.0

With this class you can get information about URL's.

colour 1.0

CMYK, RGB, Pantone, as well as hex and HTML codes are supported.

htaccess classes 1.0

The htaccess class manages the htaccess functions of Apache Webservers.

validation 1.0

Here are a few examples of validation patterns:

domain class 1.0

Get WhoIs information for 270 different tld's.