Parity.C Bob Stout

Bob Stout

Determine permutation index 1.0

This program determines the permutation index for a given permutation list. The following function computes the ordinal of the given permutation, which is index of the permutation in sorting order: 1, 2, ..., n-1, n is index 0 1, 2, ..., n, ...

Compute combinations without overflow 1.0

Compute combinations without overflow computes the number of combinations of n items, taken m at a time.

Fopenx.C 1.0

Perform fopen() in path, stated environment, or both. Current directory is always attempted first.
For fopeng() environment variable is searched before path DRIVE and DIRECTORY strings may NOT be specified as part of the filename.

Bmhasrch.C 1.0

Boyer-Moore-Horspool pattern match Case-insensitive with accented character translation.

Memrev.C 1.0

|...... head .......|.................. tail .................|

Bitfiles.C 1.0

BITFILES.C - reading/writing bit files.

Ltoa.C 1.0

Parameters: - number to be converted

Lld_Str.H 1.0

Generic Doubly Linked List for Strings.

Stristr.C 1.0

This function is an ANSI version of strstr() with case insensitivity.

Mk_Fp.H 1.0

Makes sure the Intel MK_FP() macro is defined

Metaphon.C 1.0

Metaphone was designed to overcome difficulties encountered with Soundex.

Stk_Blob.H 1.0

This module is essentially an interface to the generic Stack module.

Dirport.C 1.0

DOS, Win32 and Unix/Linux support functions for DIRPORT.H

Ord_Text.C 1.0

Format ordinal numbers in English

Maintest.Bat 1.0

Test/demo DOS/Win build script

Ll_Defs.H 1.0

Standard definitions etc.

Strsort.C 1.0

strsort() -- Shell sort an array of string pointers via strcmp()

Redirect.H 1.0

Header file for Redirect.C

Xstrcat.C 1.0

XSTRCAT.C - String concatenation function

Extkword.H 1.0

Correct extended keywords syntax