Parse HTML files as PHP peter


Pretty archive URLs in Typo with Routes 1.0

Pretty archive URLs in Typo with Routes - a new URL scheme for Typo.

Making if and unless consistent? t?

I've been thinking why some Ruby constructions are inconsistent with those you can create yourself. if and unless, for example, don't accept "do" and you can't use curly brackets to do single line if's and unless's (instead using the back to ...

Fetch a URL in Ruby 1.0

Fetch a URL in Ruby - how to fetch a URL in Ruby

Close forgotten HTML tags easily in user HTML 1.0

Close any forgotten tags with this.

S3 upload client for Ruby 1.0

Uses Marcel Molina's AWS::S3 gem.

Quickly match first instance of a regex in Ruby 1.0

I recently saw a clever Ruby idiom to return the first regex match within a string in Ruby

tag CSS ID in Rails 1.0

Place in your application_helper.rb and call with

Capitalizing titles with Ruby 1.0

This (mostly) follows the Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications.

Snippets' routes 1.0

These routes allow URLs like tags/whatever/whatever/whatever to put 'whatever', 'whatever', and 'whatever' into the @params[:tags] array, etc.

Random password generator for Ruby 1.0

Unfriendly / easily mistaken characters (i o 0 1 l 0) are excluded.

Send and receive SMS text messages 1.0

Send and receive SMS text messages with Ruby and a GSM/GPRS modem

RDParser 1.0

Recursive descent parser for Ruby

Generic 'sum' and 'mean' metho 1.0

You can then add a 'mean' operator easily.

Return items with data intersections 1.0

If you have three tables, 'posts', 'tags', and a join table 'posts_tags', and you wish to find all posts which are all associated with a number of different tags, you can use this SQL trick.
This is how Snippets itself works. You can also ...

Ruby library for Web site thumbnailer service 1.0

The service lets you do 250 free requests per month, but over that the price seems very reasonable

In Place Testing for Ruby methods 1.0

This is something kinda experimental I'm working on. Testing is cool, but I hate that it's separate from my code.
Perhaps that's stupidity on my part, but I wanted to see if there's a way to bring the lowest level of testing directly into ...

RFC-822 compatible dates in RSS feeds 1.0

If you're building RSS 2.0 files with .rxml files on your Rails app, this sort of line will get you a valid date/time

Addition for hashes in Ruby 1.0

Sometimes you only want to temporarily do an add, and this is how I pulled it off

Online Music Sharing Script 3.0

Agriya Volume is a fully customized music portal websites script that helps users to run a music portal site like Purevolume