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Joomla Resource

Remository Categories 1.0

Display's the categories of the remository component.

Joomla Explorer 1.3.0

Joomla Explorer - The JoomlaXplorer is a Web-based file manager.

Quick Question 0.9

Gives your users the opportunity to send questions ot you

Map24 1.0

Allows your users to route to you using the german map24.de service.

Visitor Detail 2.0rc1

Shows details like ip, country, browser, etc

TopRated Articles 2.0

This module displays top rated articles, with high level of configuration from Admin section

Acctexp 1.0

Let's you manage the expiration of user accounts

wwProjects 1.0

wwProjects displays a very basic horizontal bar to display a projects progress

Quiz 1.0

Allows you to create and organize quizes and tests on your Mambo website.

Progress 451 1.0.1e

Shows a progress bar with values entered in the module parameters or a DB table, based on php gd dynamic progress bar image script.

Cartikads 1.0

An alternative ads component for Mambo

PHP AdsNew 1.0

Can display banner ads from a phpAds banner server.

GeOnline Users component 1.0

To be used with the related GeOnline Users module

Flash Module 1.0

This module allows you to store a flash file in a Module

AkoFile Baselast 1.0

Shows the latest files added to your AkoFilebase / ReMOSitory component.

OS Stats 2.0RC1

OS Stats shows the actual operating system stats from the TFSforMambo component

Redirection module 1.0

Redirects 404 errors to a certain page you choose.

Acctexp module 0.2

Show the actual expiration status of the corresponding component

AkoLast VB 1.3b

A highly configureable module, which lets you access the last topics from a vBulletin forum.

Teac 0.5a

It allows you to manage the availability of your team members