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Blinds Transition 1.0

Create nifty blinds transitions for your Movie Clips, with all the code automatically created for you in this exciting new panel from Phireworx

Iris / Wipe Transition Effect 1.0

In this Flash Panel we have 2 more scripted effects that take advantage of the built in screen transitions and automatically writes all the code for you.
Iris: A simple Iris transitional effect for your Movie Clips, giving you ...

Alpha Fader 1.0

An often used chunk of code warrants more than externalising into an external .as file, it needs an interface to speed up the application within your projects.With the Alpha Fader command panel, you can add the code to fade in or out your ...

Dynamic Skewer Panel 1.0

Hot off the heels of the Dynamic Scaler, is the Dynamic Skewer, giving you complete control of vertical and horiztonal skewing

Dynamic Scaler Panel 1.0

Never use free transform again, with this nifty little panel, you can scale your objects to the EXACT size that you want!

Comment Adder Panel 1.0

It also has the option to optionally include your signature and a date/timestamp

Photo Flash Effect 1.0

A nice photo-flashing effect that can be easily applied to your Movie Clip, with full control over duration, event handlers, easing etc

Twist and Fade Command for Flash MX 2004 1.0

I've created another interesting command, this time with a twist (literally)

Layer Information 1.0

Simple, effective...timesaving!

ScatterBug Command 1.0

Well, I got tired of duplicating MC instances and altering their opacity at the same time a long time ago, so I thought I'd knock up a quickie panel for duplication and opacity control, which takes a single MC and duplicates it according to ...

Filler Text for Flash 1.0

- Number of Paragraphs of text to add

Text Adjuster 1.0

Sick of selecting your text areas, and manually altering the font size using the keyboard or slider?; then this is the panel might help out.
Simply select the text areas that you wish to adjust the font size of, select the step size and ...

Create Basic Layers 1.0

Create Basic Layers creates several basic layers within a new FLA ready for project.

Stage Scaler 1.0

Grab that slider and scale the stage, from 5 to 1600%, with mouse wheel control too!

Selective Lock 1.0

Selective Layer Locker will quickly every other layer on the timeline apart from the one that you select, allowing you to quickly and easily select elements on your target layer without the chance for picking up elements from other layers

SitePoint Flash Blog Panel 1.0

A nice and simple command panel for use within Flash MX 2004 giving you instant access to the latest Flash Blog information at SitePoint

Filler Text 1.0

- Number of Paragraphs of text to add

Library Generator 1.0

Library Generator, simply creates a series of commonly used folders in the Library Panel