Placemark Directory Jochen Kupperschmidt

Jochen Kupperschmidt

Line Counter 1.0

The script returns the overall total and for each pattern.

ID3v1Reader 1.0

ID3v1Reader script reads ID3v1 tags from MP3 files

XML Parser Script 1.0

The framework is very easy to implement into your own scripts.

HTN Hijack Servant 1.0

Inactive users are the ones whose computers can be hijacked regardless of the league.

HTN Credit Juggler 1.0

HTN Credit Juggler is a tool for the HackTheNet browser game to juggle with credits, causing some magic stuff to happen.
The script is compatible with all operating systems where python support exists. It can be easily customized to suit ...

Tab Switcher 1.0

This piece of JavaScript allows to switch (i.e. show one, hide the others) between grouped XHTML elements. That kind of behaviour is widely used in graphical applications and was adopted for use in websites.
The script is compatible with ...

FTP File Navigator 15-Jun-2002

File navigator that lets you browse an FTP server with your website layout.

XML Parser 14-Jan-2006

An easy-to-use framework to use your custom tags.

LocalHostInfo 1.0

LocalHostInfo displays ip address, host name, canonical host name and a tree containing the available network interfaces and their corresponing ip addresses.
It might also come in handy if you like to have a dialog in your application ...

mod.ftpdb 1.0

mod.ftpdb allows you to manage a list of FTP servers for LAN party intranets which can be used by guests to announce their own servers.
This script does not intend to support spreading of illegal content like warez, copyrighted mp3s, ...

Directory Index 25-Mar-2002

Also useful if directory listing is denied.

Link Access Logger 23-Sep-2003

Track hits to dead links.

On Tour 18-May-2006

A lightweight image gallery index.

Gallerize Python 1.0

Gallerize creates a static XHTML/CSS image gallery from a bunch of images.

NumberConverter 1.0

It provides a good compatibility with all operating systems.

Random avatar image 25-Jan-2007

Use this as your rotating avatar picture in discussion forums.

Mucacha 1.0

Mucacha is a multi-cast chat system that runs without a server.

Chat Relater 1.0

Chat Relater is a tool consisting of two command-line scripts:

ICMP Knock Server 11-Sep-2007

Port knocking transferred to ICMP

Mnemonic Password Generator 04-Feb-2006

Generate pronounceable and thereby easier remembered passwords despite of their length.