Playing Cards Toolbox Rasmus Anthin

Rasmus Anthin

Elmat+ + 2.2

Elmat stands for elementary matrices and matrix manipulatiom.

Numeral Systems Toolbox 1.1

ROMAN : arabic roman

Finite Element Toolbox 2.1

plot mesh/triangulation in 2D and put a number in each corresponding element (triangle).

Boolean Algebra Toolbox 2.2

[X1 X2 X3]=NBC(3) yields:

spy2 1.0

The displayed matrix will have sides proportional to the number of elements

EC-SIM 1.1

· MATLAB Release: R10

iec63.m 1.0

IEC63 Standard normalized E-series values.

Spacecraft Engineering Toolbox 3.4

This toolbox contains a satellite tracker MSatTrack. You can input orbital parameters defined by yourself or existing ones (included). The tracking is done in 3D and the resulting grountracks are then plotted on a 2D map after the simulation ...

rgbconv 1.0

· MATLAB 5.2 or higher

cardplot 1.0

CARDPLOT Plot playing cards for card games.

Snailrace 1.0

· MATLAB 5.2 or higher

blackjack matlab 1.0

This game requires the Playing Cards Toolbox FileId

Blackjack 5.1

This is a very basic (head-on) Blackjack game with six decks of cards.

TeX-tools 2.3

· MATLAB Release: R11

cwaitbar 1.0

CWAITBAR Display compound wait bar.