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Tj Holowaychuk

koala.js 0.1.2

Most important functions of koala.js:

filters 1.1.1

Most important functions of filters:

jQuery - Rest 1.1.0

· JavaScript enabled on client side

DRAN - Drupal Analysis Tool 1.0

This is actually a script meant to be used with CLI (command line interface).

Editor - The Drupal WYSIWYG 1.0

This module provides a replacement for the textareas in Drupal.

Error Codes 1.0

This is useful for development of large applications where errors are bound to appear.

ApacheBench 6.x-1.0-beta

The module also features storing and reporting on cron-based invocations.

Ubercart Option Images 1.0

Ubercart is a complete shopping cart/e-commerce implementation for Drupal.

Chart API 1.0

You can use the Google Charts API in order to generate various charts from other modules.

URL Proxy 1.0

This module just provides an API and does not do anything by its own, therefore it should only be installed if another module depends on the functions it provides.
Unpack in your modules folder (usually ...

CSS Sprite Generator 1.0

A sprite is a small graphic which is used to create a larger picture.

Themer 1.0

Most important functions of Themer:

JavaScript Validator (JSV) 1.0

The module uses css to provide an elegant style to the validation fields.

Visibility API 1.0

Most important functions of Visibility API:

Table Export 1.0

The currently supported formats are CSV and PDF.

Ajax Controller (AC) 1.0

Most important functions of Ajax Controller (AC):

Move.js 0.1.0

It is also framework agnostic and has a simple to learn and use syntax.

Mocha 0.0.4

Works both with Node.js and browser applications.

Express 1.0.3

Most important functions of Express:

sass.js 0.5.0

Most important functions of sass.js: