Prevent multi submit finalwebsites


Open a directory 1.02

This simple function generates a select form element for all files of a given directory. Use this function together with the "Universal downloader" on this site.
The function is modified to work with "register_globals = off "(since ...

CSS style switcher 1.00

This code snippet will help to create the switch

Alternative colored rows 1.00

This small PHP code snippet is an example how to create alternative row colors for database/array data which have to be presented in HTML. The only "special" thing what happens is that background color changes upon the result of a modulus ...

Filesize with label 1.0

Just define the file and the path and the size is give by the function.

Rebuild query string 1.03

This names will be filtered from the new generated query string

Text wrapper plus 1.00

I wrote this function because php's wordwrap() doesn't fit the needs of regular webpage

Simple attachment mail script 1.00

The file has to be uploaded first or should be an existing file on the server

Select menu with DB values 1.01

This small function is used to build a select menu with the values from a database table. Create the SQL statement outside the function with two values, one for the (option) value and one for the (option) label.
he function is completely ...

Get TemplateMonster data 1.00

Try the demo link and see how it works.

Universal file downloader 1.04

I added the cache control to open also text files and others (without saving)

link checker 1.00

It takes care about the trailing slash in urls and can be used with (almost) every url

mailto: Cutter 1.01

mailto: Cutter script allows you to create an email form with Javascript.

Hide mailto 1.01

E-mail addresses are converted into Unicode values and a HTML tag is added with optional extra e-mail info like subject and body text.

Random validation 1.0

A session will be created inside a dynamic image file (requires GD library)

PHP Local date 2.0

This class can be used for date calculations

Easy PHP Upload 1.0

The class is extremely easy to use and comes together with full working examples

Directories oldest file 1.01

I use this function to take care of the amount of files in a public map

Extensible Click Counter 1.0

With this simple script it's possible to count and track (country code and IP address) clicks from a visitors which followed a link to one of your link partners or advertisers.
This script can be used together with your existing link ...

Select with current month 1.00

Select with current month script is a simple select element with month notations

Daily banner 1.00

This banner rotator is a little bit different from others, the banner will change only ones a day. I used the php function rand() because I think that MySQL's "ORDER BY RAND()" and the php function array_rand() are only a second choice.