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dompdf 1.0

The module is currently just a very lightweight implementation, containing just one method that allows other modules to stream a PDF to the browser.
- Unpack in your modules folder (usually ...

BBCode Formatting Bar 1.0

Works on IE and Firefox.

Steam Community 1.0

Displays a block containing the latest events for a particular Steam Community group.

Signup Scheduler 1.0

Signups are opened and closed based on the defined schedule during cron. Views support is included through providing several fields and filters based on schedule data.
- Unpack in your modules folder (usually ...

Signup Status 1.0

- Limit number of signups per status.

Taxonomy Search 1.0

Taxonomy terms, descriptions, and synonyms are indexed and searchable. The resulting page provides users a list of terms matching the keywords, and also gives users with the "administer taxonomy" permission a quick link to edit the term.

Password Strength 1.0

- Client-side password strength checking using jQuery

OG Audience By Type 1.0

This is useful on sites with a very large number of groups and many different group types.
- Unpack in your modules folder (usually /sites/all/modules/) and enable under Administer > Site Building > ...