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Animated menu 0.1.2b

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VSK Tunnel 0.1.0b

VSK Tunnel object is a very basic remote scripting object that allows you to send requests to remote servers. This is done by the use of either the SCRIPT or the IFRAME element.
The code is compatible with all modern web browsers and is ...

Animated Tooltips 0.1.2b

This library brings animated tooltips to your site that are easy to set up and integrate.
The animation effect for the tooltip can be either the fade or the morph effect. The tooltip itself can be assigned a css class to make sure you ...

Effect Framework 0.1.3b

This library holds the VSK effect framework, which are basically the tools used by any of the VSK effect libraries.
It adds methods to the VSK_Node object that manage effects currently active on the node and to start and halt the global ...

Effect: Morph 0.1.0b

The morph effect allows you to animate the movement or resizing of a node

Autocomplete library 0.1.0b

The autocomplete library lets you add an autocomplete feature to any text input element like input and textarea.
It also supports tag based input meaning that if a delimiter is defined the autocomplete feature will work separately for ...

VegUISiteKit: Animated Tooltips 0.1

A very simple to implement and use animated tooltip system for your site

VegUISiteKit: Effect: Morph 0.1

An effect that lets you smoothy animate movement or growth of a node

VegUISiteKit Autocomplete 0.1.0

Customized autocomplete feature for text input elements with tag support.

VegUISiteKit Form Tools 0.1.0

Functions to retrieve the caret (text input) offset inside a text input element

VegUISiteKit - Animated Dropdown Menu 0.1.1

A SEO friendly animated dropdown menu that is very easy to implement and supports nested menus

VegUISiteKit: Pulsating Menu 0.1

Animated mac like menu that has images as menu nodes that grow when the mouse hovers above them

VegUISiteKit: Debug Console 0.1

A debug console that you can use print your various debug messages to

VSK formcheck 0.1.0b

VSK formcheck allows you to validate user input before the data is sent to the server.

VSK Form Tools 0.1.0b

Browser Specific Notes

vegUI 2.1.4

another javascript AJAX framework and widget-collection that allows you to build dynamic web applications that are also fast and flexible
vegUI uses a template system, that allows you to define any vegUI element/widget as a template. ...

vegUI AJAX framework 1.0.2

vegUI AJAX framework is taken from the original vegUI web-application foundation. Provides functions to send requests to the server and to handle the server response.
Custom functions can be assigned to deal with each request response or ...

DbCon 1.0

DbCon is a php based MYSQL API class