Quicksort Bas Jobsen

Bas Jobsen

highlighting_skipphtml 1.0

This class can be used to highlight words in of text in HTML

Mergesort 1.0

Mergesort produces a sorted sequence of an array form index $start until index $end.

Storeip 1.0

This class has two functions:

casespecial.php 1.0

PHP's standard functions for upper and lower casing don't work for special chars.

Numbers2words 1.0

For british (GB) numbers the class must be call with a optional second argument = 1. ]

roundrobin.php 1.0

Statistically speaking it finds (n/2)*(n-1) unique combinations of n items.

Linked List 1.0

A linked list is a data structure in which the objects are arranged in a linear order.

wrappedtext 1.0

If a site uses narrow tables this is a great tool because words that are longer as the width of a table would enlarge the table and deface the site layout.
Using php's wordwrap function has the disadvantage that the whole text is wrapped ...