RDF.rb Arto Bendiken

Arto Bendiken

Xaneon Extensions 1.0

XE is simple to install/uninstall, and doesn't modify any core files.

File Server 1.0

The module provides WebDAV access to Drupal's taxonomies and files.

Banking API 6.x-1.0

Setup Process:

Trace 1.0

- Outputs trace messages to a file or the syslog (on Unix platforms).

Resource Description Framework (RDF) 1.0

RDF is a W3C standard for modeling and sharing distributed knowledge based on a decentralized open-world assumption. Any knowledge about anything can be decomposed into triples (3-tuples) consisting of subject, predicate, and object; ...

Mises.org Syndicated 6.x-1.0

A promotional banner ad linking back to Mises.org can also be displayed

Skype Status 1.0

In order for this to work you need to enable the "Allow my status to be shown on the web" option in the Skype client.
Unpack in your modules folder (usually /sites/all/modules/) and enable under Administer > Site ...

Exhibit 1.0

- Install and enable the two included modules 'Exhibit' and 'Exhibit Drupal'.


- The web display of DAV collection indexes is entirely themeable.

Boost 1.0

Most important functions of Boost:

Bitcache 1.0

· PHP 5.2 or newer.

Drush 6.x-1.1/5.x-1.3

The module itself doesn't provide any actual tools or commands but the API.


- Go to [Administer >> Site building >> Modules] and enable the SPARQL API module.

Digital Currency 6.x-1.x-dev

It provide API to access and integrate Ubercart with digital currencies.

Simple RSS Parsing 1.0

Simple RSS Parsing script provides you a simple method to return the latest n items from a specified RSS feed, using only the libraries built into Ruby.

rdf-json 0.1.0

The recommended gem installation method is doing it via RubyGems.

rdf-sesame 0.1.0

The recommended install method is doing it via RubyGems.

rdf-spec 0.1.9

It is a RSpec extension for RDF.rb.

rdf-trix 0.0.3

This is a XML-based RDF serialization format developed under Nokia and HP Labs.
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