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Expression Solver 1.0

Just enter a math expression (with , -, *, and / signs) and this script will evaluate the expression for you.

Download Calculator 1.0

This calculator will help you estimate how long it will take to download a file at any of a number of modem speeds.

Round Number 1.0

Round Number is a simple function to round a decimal number to any number of decimal places you want just by passing it different values.

Room Size Calculator 1.0

Room Size Calculator finds the approximate room size you'll need depending on your room setup and arrangement.

Prime Number Calculator 1.0

Prime Number Calculator can instantly tell you if a number is a prime number or not.

Stock Calculator 1.0

Stock Calculator instantly figures your resulting profit or loss after commission fees.

Scientific Calculator Javascript 1.0

Scientific Calculator Javascript is a very interesting calculator that does many advanced functions - cosine, sine, tangent, sdoes manyt, exponents, etc.

Where Born? n?

Where Born? javascript helps you to identify your place of birth using social security number.

Trigonometry Demo 1.0

Trigonometry Demo will teach you how to use functions to create circles with sin, cos and tan.