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Operating systemsOS : Windows / Linux / Mac OS / BSD / Solaris
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CreatedCreated : Mar 10, 2008
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Program licensing
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Reciprocal Links Pro helps you to create permanent ...

reciprocal_links Pro by Devellion Limited helps you to create permanent free targeted traffic to your site with reciprocal links.
Link Checking
Automated Link Checking
reciprocal_links_pro 3.1 checks that all your links are still in place on your link partners site at an interval you specify in the admin panel. (Cron required for this feature) After checking the links reciprocal Links Pro [reciprocallinkspro3.1.exe] will email you a report with the results. You will be informed of all links that have not been found and the reason they weren't found. Example: Could not connect to site, page not found or link not found. (CRON must be supported by your web host to use this feature. Help file on setting up cron is included with the install instructions)
If CRON is not available with your web hosting, no need to worry, you can check for your links by clicking "Check Links" from the admin panel at any time you choose. Reciprocal Links Pro - 0MB will then check each link one at a time and email you details of any links it can't find on the other sites.
Batch Link Checking
You can specify in admin how many links are checked by Reciprocal Links Pro 3.1 in each pass. This feature ensures that Reciprocal Links Pro will not time out on servers with time limits on the running of PHP scripts. For example if you had 200 links in total you can tell RLP to check 50 at a time. Whether you use manual or cron link check the program will check 50 links, pause, then check ther next 50 until it has checked all your links.
Automatic Link Disabling
When setting up your link checking in the admin panel you can specify how many times your link can be found to be not working on the other site before your partners link on your site is disabled. For example, if you set this to "3", and your link is not found on your partners site after three consecutive checks, their link will be moved to the disabled links section, temporarily removed from your directory and both you and your link partner will be emailed.
Automatic Link Deletion
You can specify in the admin section how many days disabled links are stored by Reciprocal Links Pro. Any disabled links that are not replaced by your link partner within that period will be permanently deleted from your directory. The link partner will be emailed and offered the chance to list again in the future.
Intelligent Verification
Most reciprocal link scripts when checking for a link look for a fixed url eg: http://www. YOURSITE. com This can cause issues if your link partner forgets to include the www or adds a trailing slash to the url. Reciprocal Links Pro spiders the page where your link should be, checks for your domain and checks that it is in link format. Therefore whether or not the link partner adds the www. or a trailing slash Reciprocal Links Pro will recognize your link. This also means that should they wish to, your partners can link to specific pages of your site EG: http://www. YOURSITE. com/SOMEPAGE. HTML
Check Link Is On Same Domain
When a webmaster submits their site Reciprocal Links Pro automatically checks that your link is on the same URL that you are linking to. This is to combat cheating webmasters who may host their links page on a different domain and not feature it on their main site at all.
Adding Links In The Admin Section
Delayed Link Checking Feature
If you wish to offer another site a link exchange you can add the link from the admin panel. When you add the link you can exclude it from link checking for a set number of days to give the other webmaster a chance to reciprocate the link. This is useful for sites who require their link to be on your site before they allow you to add yours.
Reciprocal Link Request
When adding a link from the admin panel you have the option to send a "Reciprocal Link Request" email to the other site. Reciprocal Links Pro will email them telling them where their link is on your site and give them your linking details for the return link.
Never Check Link
When adding a link from the admin panel you can also select to never check for a reciprocal link. This is useful if you want to add an affiliate link, or a link you think will be useful to your departing visitors.
Link Added Email
If a webmaster contacts you by email, tells you they have already added your site to their site, and asks you to reciprocate, you can select to send them a "Link Added" email as you add their link from the admin panel.
Featured Link Partners
As you add links from the admin panel you can select to make any link partner a "Featured Link Partner". This will place their site above all regular links and sponsored links in bold text with a rotating star. Some sites even charge for this opportunity, a great way to make a little extra income.
Automatic Form Filling
If you wish to exchange links with another site that uses Reciprocal Links Pro you can simply type in the url to their links directory and click "get info". This feature will take all the needed info for their link from their site and fill in the form for you. All you will have to do then is fill in the reciprocal url of where you want your link on their site. You can then select to send a reciprocal link request and decide how many days you want to give them to reciprocate before the program checks their link.
Editing Links
By Category
From the admin panel you can display all links in a certain category or sub-category and edit any link in the list.
Partner Search
You can search for a specific partner by keyword, name, url, title or email address to find link partners quickly.
Category Editing
Should you wish to edit a categories name this can be done easily from admin. Of course this would mean that after the edit the link partners link will be on a different page. Not a problem, if you edit a categories name RLP will automatically email the partner telling them their link has moved and where it is.
Directory Settings
Category Columns
You can specify in the admin panel how many columns of categories you wish to appear on the first page of your directory.
Display Sub-Categories
You can choose whether to display just main categories, or categories and sub-categories on the main page of your directory.
Link Count
Optional link count can be displayed next to all categories and sub-categories on the main page.
Reciprocal URL
Optionally display the reciprocal url symbol underneath each link, the symbol will connect directly to the page where your link is on your partners site. This will help search engines find the sites that link to you.
Total Link Count
Option to display the total number of links in your directory at the bottom of the first page of your directory.
Comprehensive List Of Categories
Reciprocal Links Pro comes with a pre-installed comprehensive list of categories and sub-categories to save you hours of work and immediately give you a comprehensive and professional links directory. You can of course add or remove categories and sub-categories easily from the admin panel.
Sponsored Listings
Reciprocal Links Pro comes with pre installed sponsored text links from Searchfeed in all categories. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, it perfectly fills up any categories you don't have links in yet. More importantly, it will help you create income from your link section.
Search Feed will pay you 35%-50% of the fee that the advertiser is paying per click. This mounts up very quickly. Once you reach $25 in commissions searchfeed. com will pay you by PayPal or check. There is a link in the admin section to join their program, then you simply insert your affiliate codes into the admin panel to start earning commissions.
Your link partners will not be affected as their links will be placed above the sponsored listings. This feature alone will purchase Reciprocal Links Pro for you. In the admin section you have the option whether or not to display searchfeed. com results.
Optional Google AdSense Ads
In the admin panel you will have the option to copy and paste your Google AdSense code into the "Google Ads" section. Reciprocal Links Pro will then add Google ads to the bottom of all links pages.
Number Of Links Per Page
You can specify in the admin panel how many links appear on each page. Some search engines class long links pages as link farms, which can exclude your site from being listed and even get you banned. With Reciprocal Links Pro you can limit the maximum number of links per page to avoid this. For example, if you select a maximum of 20 links per page, when you have over 20 links for a particular category or sub-category the program simply builds another page for that category and adds a "next" link to the first page.
Links Display Order
You can choose whether to display links in alphabetical order or in order of date added. We recommend the latter as this will mean as your links pages grow your partners links do not get moved around too much, remember they will more than likely be using a link checking script too.
Admin Approval Required
You can choose to automatically add links to your directory or to manually approve all submissions.
Ordering Of Categories
You can quickly re-order categories on the main links page from the admin panel by clicking "Alphabetical Order", or you can re-order categories by moving them up or down in any way you like. For example, if you run a property site you may want the property category first and all other categories alphabetically after that.
Directory Backup
You have the option to easily back up either just your category structure, or categories and links, with the click of a button.
Restore Backup
Easily restore a previous backup of your link section with a few clicks should you accidentally remove links or change web host.
Import Links
You can quickly import links from Reciprocal Manager, we will soon be adding import functions for Arelis, Zeus and Links Manager.
Mailing List
Ability to email all of your link partners from one form or email a specific category.
Individual Contact
Ability to email individual link partners with any of the emails in Reciprocal Links Pro, or you can send them a custom message.
Other Features
Duplicate Link Screening
You can select whether or not to allow a website to list in more than one category.
Link Text Verification
You can select whether or not to allow a website to edit your link description. This is useful if you have worded your description specifically to improve your search engine rankings.
Edit Emails
All emails sent out by Reciprocal Links Pro can easily be edited from the admin panel.
Edit Look And Feel
You can directly edit the html of the header and footer of Reciprocal Links Pro from the admin panel. This will make your link directory look just like the rest of your site. Not sure how to do this then we offer a very affordable skinning service where we wioll make Reciprocal Links Pro look like the rest of your site for you.
Grouping Of Links
From the admin panel you can easily select to view Disabled Links or One Way Links (the links you selected to never check for a reciprocal link).
Find New Link Partners
Inside the admin area we have two very useful tools for finding new link partners.
Reseller Program
As an owner of a licensed version of Reciprocal Links Pro you will automatically be eligible to join our free reseller program for the script. You can buy blocks of licenses for Reciprocal Links Pro at discounted rates, you could then either use these licenses for other site you own or even resell reciprocal links pro as long as you do not remove the branding.
Email Notifications
Reciprocal Links Pro keeps everyone informed all the way, both you and your link partners. You will be informed when a new link is offered, when a current link is edited, when a link cannot be found. Polite emails are also sent to your link partners for all the above activities and more.
Email Notifications Off
If a link partner asks you to not send these emails you simply search for them from your admin section and tell the program not to send them any more emails.
When you either delete, or decline a link, you will be offered an option to blacklist that site from offering more link exchanges. Useful for sites who cheated you by removing your link or sites that repeatedly offer you a link after you have declined their offer.
Word Filter
You can define certain words that you will not allow in the other sites description when they propose a link exchange. For example, you may not want to link to gambling sites, so you may add words like "Casino", "Poker" or "Blackjack" to your filter. If a site proposing a link exchange has any of those words in their title or description they will not be able to submit the "Add Link" form.
Password Reminder
If you ever forget the log in details for your admin panel, simply click the "Lost Password" link on the admin log in page to have your details resent to your admin email address.
• PHP4 Your web hosting server must have version 4. 2. 2 or later installed.
• PHP5 RLP works with all versions
• Your web hosting server must have MySQL 4. 1 or later installed.

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