Refining an FTP Site List Mark Nenadov

Mark Nenadov

E-mail Address Validation 1.4

This script simply validates an e-mail address.

Parsing an XML file with xml.parsers.expat 1.0

This script shows you a reusable way to use "xml.parsers.expat" to parse an XML file. When re-using the "MyXML" class, all you need to define a new class, with "MyXML" as the parent. Once you have done that, all you have to do is overwrite the ...

Unroll a sequence into an HTML unordered list 1.0

This script simply takes a single-dimension sequence and converts into into an HTML unordered list. This function makes it simple to present the contents of a sequence on the web in an neat fashion.

StringValidator 1.9

This script is a portable class to carry out all sorts of validation on strings

Anagram Fetcher 1.3

This script provides you code for fetching Anagrams out of any given file that contains words seperated by new lines.

Calculating Apache hits per IP 1.5

This function returns a dictionary containing the hit counts for each individual IP that has accessed your Apache web server.

Apache Client Cache-rate Calculator 1.0

This script contains a function to calculate the percent of requests that were "refused" by Apache server due to the clients ability to read the file from their cache instead. This function can be useful in performance analysis. The percentage ...

CookieInfo 1.2

The "CookieInfo" and "Cookie" classes provide developers with an read-only interface to the "cookies.txt" that most browsers store.
The CookieInfo class makes Cookie objects from the cookie file. It also provides methods to operate on ...

Bare Bones Password Generator 1.4

This script is a password generator that will generate random length alpha-numeric passwords given a range to work with.

Using a wxPython "Notebook" with panels 1.2

wxPython provides a powerul functionality that allows you to use a "Notebook" user interface with multiple panels - whose interface each is determined by individual Python scripts.
Each panel runs in the background (even when it is not ...

Using the MySQLdb interface 1.4

Using the MySQLdb interface script is a simple example showing how to use the MySQLdb interface to function with your MySQL database.