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CreatedCreated : Jul 4, 2007
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RichFormFields provides ready-built user interface ...

richformfields by Richer Components provides ready-built user interface components that specifically support a whole range of common high level data types including currency amounts, decimal values and web addresses.
RichFormFields 1.0™ includes RichNumberField™ , RichCurrencyField™ , email™ and RichValidationSummary™ Controls. RichFormFields [richformfields1.0.exe]™ is cross-browser compatible and has been developed specifically for Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla and Firefox.
ASP. NET Developer Benefits
- Drag and drop implementation
- Design-time editing using property sheets
- Intuitive to use and implement
- Fully validated, no need to add validation
- Each control is designed for a single, specific purpose
- No need to understand regular expressions
- No need to understand JavaScript
- All fields are input masked, so no bad characters can be typed
- In-built security protections
- A richer user interface, but in less time
- Less time spent on the user interface, and more on the application
RichNumberField Key Features:
- Display Numeric only. Only displays a numeric value.
- Allows Specific Values. Only allow the typing of numeric values (0-9 and ‘ ’ , ‘ -‘ , and ‘ . ’ ). If other characters are typed into the box, they do not appear (they are trapped and blocked). Allows the typing of a %, but ignores it when parsing the value.
- Minimum/Maximum range. Optionally only accepts values in a specific range (minimum/maximum). If a value is typed outside the range, then once focus is lost it sets the value to the closest range value (e. g. if the range is 0-10 and the user types 50, it sets to 10)
- Client-side validation. When the end-user types into the input field, the text they have typed is processed when focus leaves the field – it is then validated and converted as appropriate. If the value cannot be parsed into a decimal value, it returns to its previous value.
- Configured to Allow Numbers. Configured to accept only decimals, whole-number decimals (integers), positive numbers, or negative numbers simply by changing the range (min/max).
- Display Up/Down Icons. Can optionally display Up/Down buttons/icons to enable the end-user to use the mouse to increment or decrement the value (by a specific step value).
- Prevent to enter Invalid Characters. Not only offers validation, but also prevents the user from even typing invalid characters.
- support Culture. RichNumberField must be completely globally available – and so it works with all cultures no matter what the local needs.
- Mouse Wheel effect. Support for the mouse wheel affecting the value up/down in browser IE 5 or above only.
- Support pop-up Calculator. A pop-up calculator for entering the field value.
RichCurrencyField Key Features:
- Display Currency. Acquires a value in a specific currency from the end user using a text input box.
- Show Currency Codes/Symbols. If required, displays the currency symbol or name. When the symbol is displayed it is rendered using the correct XHTML entity reference and works across all browsers.
- Allow restricted Values. Can type a currency value including the symbol, e. g. “ $4. 99” and it handles it. The formats supported are “ 4. 99, ” “ $4. 99, ” “ 4. 99$, ” “ US4. 99, ” “ 4. 99US” (two-letter currency code), “ USD4. 99” and “ 4. 99USD” (three letter currency code). When accepted as valid input, it is rendered as “ 4. 99” with the currency displayed to the left or right of the text input box as configured.
- Minimum/Maximum Restriction. Can specify the currency, the minimum value, and the maximum value. The control auto-sizes depending on the value range, or manually set.
- Invalid Characters Restriction. Invalid characters cannot be typed, only numeric values, the specified currency symbols and 2-3 letter codes, and numeric separators for the current locale (e. g. “ , ” for US/UK, e. g. “ 100, 000” ).
- Decimal Places. Can specify number of decimal places in Currency.
- Support to Secondary Currency. Show the currency amount in another currency next to the edit field.
- Custom Styles Support. Setting it specifically using properties can show the text box, the currency label and any secondary currency in any style by assigning a CSS class name.
- Show Up/Down Buttons. Can specify whether “ bump” icons are shown, where they appear, and the increment they use.
- Mouse Wheel Effect. Support for the mouse wheel affecting the value up/down in browser IE 5 or above only.
- Support pop-up Calculator. A pop-up calculator for entering the field value.
RichEmailField Key Features:
- Design Support. Specifically designed to collect high quality, valid email address information.
- No need to know Regular Expressions. Ready-built and proven validation, no need for developers to write regular expressions.
- Allow/Block FreeMails. The ability to block common free email addresses – hotmail, yahoo, etc.
- Allow/Block Countries. Disable by country (based on domain ending).
- Block Specific Email Addresses. Block junk & well-known addresses - test@test. com, president@whitehouse. gov, etc.
- Allow to Valid Characters. Only allows typing of valid email address characters (no spaces, etc) according to RFC 822.
- Can optionally check email by communicating via an MX server.
- DNS Check. Can optionally check the domain exists using DNS.
- White Spaces removal. Ensures that when a string is pasted into the field, white space is removed from the start and end. Also ensures that white space cannot be typed into the field.
- Different Validation Types. Can specify the type of check to perform: syntax, domain, Mailbox.
- Syntax Check. Full syntax checking.
- Extract Mail Address Parts. Can extract email address components including display name, user name and domain name.
RichValidationSummary Key Features:
- Display Errors in one place. RichValidationSummary control lists all validation errors on a form, in one place for all Rich Validation Controls.
- RichValidationControls Support. Support to all Rich Validation Controls.
- ASP. NET Validation Controls. Support to existing ASP. NET Validation Controls also.

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