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RichTextBox allows you to let your users manage their ...

text by Richer Components allows you to let your users manage their own content on your ASP. NET web site using a professional html_editor.
Use the richtextbox 1.0 server control to provide your users with a tightly customized and full-featured online, WYSIWYG, rich-text content editor with bold, italic, bullets, styles, font formatting, table, image insertion & upload, color picker, hyperlinks, and more.
Professional document Editing
- Easy for end-users. If they know Outlook® or Word® , they know RichTextBox [richtextbox1.0.exe]™ .
- Locked down. You can limit the editing users can perform and even strip formatting on a paste.
- Cross-browser. RichTextBox - 0MB™ fully supports Internet Explorer 5. 0, 5. 5, 6. 0 and later. It also supports browsers based on the Mozilla engine, most notably Firefox v1. 0 and later.
- Full-screen mode. RichTextBox 1.0™ contains a full-screen mode button. When clicked, the editor expands to fill the entire browser window. When clicked again, it returns to its original size. This features makes the best possible use of screen real-estate.
- Return key. You can configure the return key to enter line breaks instead of paragraph breaks using the ReturnKeyBehavior property.
- Import any html document. Any HTML document can be imported. Internet Explorer may alter the HTML slightly, but presentation is rarely affected in any way.
- Dynamic menus and buttons. In Microsoft Word® , the toolbar shows what formatting has been applied to the text as the cursor moves around the document. RichTextBox™ now mirrors this functionality, providing an ever-higher level of intuitive interface to end-users.
- Apply a style sheet. Full "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) editing.
- HTML editing. Disable/enable access to the HTML underlying the document.
- Hyperlinks. This menu can be used to display a pre-defined list of hyperlinks. When the user selects one it is inserted into the document.
- No JavaScript experience required. Normally to use an editor like this you would need to write hundreds of lines of HTML and JavaScript. With RichTextBox you do not need to write a single line of client-side script.
- MaximumWords property. In many applications there are limits on the size of a document, most usually by the number of words allowed. This feature involves adding a check for the length, and displaying the current length (in words) in the status bar of the editor.
- Multi-cultural. The names of all the menus and the names of the buttons can be changed, as can all warning messages. RichTextBox will work in any culture or language, including Asian cultures, and supports UNICODE.
- SSL / HTTPS. RichTextBox fully supports Secure Sockets Layer and can be used on secure web servers.
- Spell checking integration. RichTextBox can be easily integrated with third-party spell check products.
- Configurable. You can control the toolbars, layout, features, and interface colors.
- Componentware. It's reusable, stable, rigorously tested, and reliable.
- Lightweight. You do not need plugins, Java, or client-side downloads.
Extensive Styling and Formatting Options
- Paragraph. Specify the HTML paragraph styles available, and their descriptive names.
- Strip formatting on Paste. Using the PastAction property you can configure the editor to remove formatting when the user pastes content into the editor.
- Font. A list of fonts the user can select from.
- Font size. Specify the allowable font sizes (1-6).
- Font foreground colors. Specify the font colors that appear, and under what names.
- Font highlight colors. Specify the font background colors that appear, and under what names.
- Style. A menu of named styles from your CSS. Specify the styles on the menu, and their descriptive names. Ideal for controlling what formatting is used.
Complete Table Editing
- Insert table. Inserts a grid-style table into the document.
- Delete table column. Removes a vertical column from a table.
- Delete table row. Removes a horizontal row from a table.
- Insert table row. Inserts a new horizontal row into a table.
- Insert table column. Inserts a new vertical column into a table.
- Table property editing. The table properties dialog provides full editing of table properties including the padding, spacing, width, height, and background color.
- Table borders. The border on a table can be switched on and off using a simple checkbox in the table properties dialog, making is simple to use tables for layout.
- Table cell properties. Using the table properties dialog you can also specify the color, width, height and alignment within individual table cells.
Content Creation
- Symbols. This menu provides a range of symbols that can be rapidly inserted into the document even if they are not present on the user's keyboard. The content of this menu is fully customizable. To enable it, use EnableToolbarItem(ToolbarItem. SymbolMenu). Use SymbolList to specify the contents.
Insert. This menu can be used to show a list of custom pieces of text or HTML that you want to insert into the document. For example you can add an item called "Footer" that inserts a standard footer in the document.
- Emoticons. Displays a list of emoticons for use in communication applications like forums and message boards.
Appearance Customization
- Borders. Set the border style/color/width around the entire control, and also the editable region.
- Alignment. Specify where the toolbar is displayed vertically and horizontally, or disable it.
- Width/Height. Set the dimensions as an absolute value or a percentage.
- HTML-mode styling. Apply a cascading stylesheet to the editor when in HTML mode. (e. g. a proportional font like Courier New).
Toolbar Customization
- Create/enable/disable menus. Any menu can be removed. You can create completely custom menus.
- Create/enable/disable buttons. Any button can be removed. You can create completely custom buttons.
- QuickConfigure. Provides a range of present configuration shortcuts including EnableAll, DisableAll and Minimal.
- Image buttons. Set width, height, image file location and whether rollovers are enabled.
- Form buttons. You can use these as an alternative to images buttons.
- Menu and button CSS styling. Apply cascading style sheets to toolbar buttons and menus.
- HTML Mode option. Set the position, style and text for the HTML mode checkbox.
- Auto-hide. Set whether the toolbar disappears when editing the HTML.
- Layout. Specify which menus and buttons appear, in what order and their spacing.
- Border. Set the style/color/width of the border around the toolbar area.
- Separator. Specify the width, height and location of the image that separates toolbar items.
- Customize buttons/menus. All buttons and menus on the toolbar expose a client-side identifier, making it simple to apply custom styling to them.
- Insert image. Inserts an image at a specified URL. The image insertion function includes a fully integrated image upload manager.
- Image. Displays a list of named images. Ideal for controlling what images are used.
- Broad image support. Support for drag-and-drop image insertion and image upload.
- Flash and Windows Media support. Many scenarios require the insertion of rich media into documents, including Windows Media files (audio/video) and/or Macromedia Flash® animations. This feature involves the addition of a pair of new toolbar functions and associated dialog boxes that allow for the direct insertion of these types of files in documents.
Toolbar Buttons
- Bold. Applies bold formatting to text.
- Bullets. Applies/removes bullets from text.
- Copy. Copies text to the clipboard.
- Cut. Cuts text to the clipboard.
- Font foreground color. Opens a color picker dialog for choosing the font foreground color.
- Font highlight color. Opens a color picker dialog for choosing the font background color.
- Help. Links to a help page (you can specify where).
- Indent. Indents text.
- Insert date. Inserts the current date into the document using the locale of the end user's machine.
- Insert hyperlink. Apply a hyperlink to a specified URL.
- Insert rule. Inserts a horizontal guide rule into the document.
- Insert time. Inserts the current time into the document using the locale of the end user's machine.
- Italic. Applies italic formatting to text.
- Justify center. Aligns text in the center.
- Justify left. Aligns text to the left.
- Justify right. Aligns text to the right.
- Numbered list. Arranges text in an ordered list.
- Paste. Pastes text from the clipboard.
- Print. Prints the document in the editor.
- Outdent Reverses the effect of the indent feature.
- Redo. Performs the last undone action.
- Save. Posts the page back to the server so the document can be processed.
- Subscript. Applies subscript formatting.
- Superscript. Applies superscript formatting.
- Strikethrough. Places a line through the middle of text.
- Underline. Underlines text.
- Undo. Undoes the last editing action.
Developer Features
- Easy for developers. Two lines of ASP. NET code or just use drag-and-drop in Visual Studio . NET or Web Matrix.
- Tailored for ASP. NET. RichTextBox is designed specifically for the ASP. NET platform. We do not sell editors for any other platform.
- Compatible. Works seamlessly with content management, databases, Microsoft's IBuySpy and ASP. NET Forums.
- Extensible. You can subclass RichTextBox to create custom versions.
Validation. RichTextBox works with the standard ASP. NET validation controls, for example the RequiredFieldValidator.
- ASP. NET v2. 0 support. RichTextBox™ has been tested with the latest ASP. NET v2. 0 betas and has been proven to fully support it.
- Visible/invisible. Hide/show the RichTextBox easily, from your code.
- Use anywhere. RichTextBox works from within pages, user controls and other server controls.
- Focus control. The Focus property allows you to specify whether or not the editor takes focus when the page loads.
- Down-level behavior. Specify how Netscape, Gecko, Opera, etc. display the RichTextBox. There are three choices: display the document as read-only HTML, display a warning message and display a 'textarea' tag. You can also specify the width and height of the textarea and set the warning message.
- Export in XHTML . This feature ensures that the output HTML uses lower case tag names and attribute names that attribute values are quoted, and it also closes all and tags.
- Export plain text. Access your document without formatting (no HTML tags).
- Read-only mode. Display the content, but prevent editing - a document viewer.
- Server-side OnChange and OnSave events. This new release provides full support for server-side events for both the OnSave (save button) and OnChange events, allowing for extended programmatic access to the editor's event model.
- Culture property. Although RichTextBox™ includes a comprehensive localization interface, it can be cumbersome for simpler scenarios. This simple property provides an intuitive way to configure the culture used when the editor is displayed.
- Load/save docs to/from ASCX/ASPX. This new feature means that adding content management to a web site becomes simple and easy. You only add a RichTextBox™ to a page and set a property to specify where the editor is to place its content (an ASPX file or an ASCX file). The document is then created when the Save button is clicked and saved directly into the file. It can then be displayed either by opening the ASPX page in the browser or by opening a page containing the ASCX file. This means you can add a RichTextBox™ to a web site and have it editing web site content without writing a single line of code.
Design-time Support
- Development Environments. Full support for Visual Studio . NET and ASP. NET Web Matrix.
- Drag-and-drop. Just drag a RichTextBox from the Toolbox onto the page.
- Design-time rendering. Support for WYSIWYG web development - the RichTextBox is shown visually in the editor at design-time.
- Property Sheets. Configure the control's properties using point-and-click.
- IntelliSense. RichTextBox works with statement completion in code windows (Visual Studio . NET only).

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