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Dynamic Drive

Translucent scroller 1.0

This script makes a sleek, "translucent" scroller

DHTML Billboard Script 1.0

Real life billboards use interesting transitional effects in between messages to catch viewers' attention. So does this DHTML billboard script!
In IE5.5 , a random multimedia effect is applied during each message change, while in other ...

Bookmark Site script 1.0

This is a cross browser (Firefox 1.x , IE4 and Opera7 ) script for allowing the user to easily bookmark your site, by clicking on a link on the page.

Screen resolution detection Script 1.0

This script tests the surfer's screen size, and if it's not a certain size (ie: 800*600), suggests to the surfer to change screen resolution.

Custom Cursor Script 1.0

The image will replace the default "arrow" one.

DHTML Ticker script 1.0

Tickers remain the classic way to show content to your visitors one piece at a time and dynamically.
This is a DHTML ticker script that takes in an array of messages and displays them on message at a time. It also supports an optional ...

Page Scroller 1.0

If you are looking for a script that replaces the window's default scrollbars in scrolling the page, this script allows you to use custom images to scroll the page up/down as the mouse moves over them.
The images are always in view at ...

Document frame script 1.0

Using DHTML and CSS, a document can actually be decorated with a frame, like a picture

Expandable ticker 1.0

This script expands on the regular ticker, by delivering its messages both in sequence (one at a time), and optionally, all at once.

Always on top content 1.0

This script allows you to make particular content on your page stand out by keeping it always visible on the visitor's browser screen.
Anything (HTML code, JavaScript etc) that's placed inside the script's "content box" will be kept ...

Tetris Game 1.0

Tetris Game javascript is undoubtedly one of the best, fully functional DHTML tetris game we've seen.

Phong 1.0

Play against the computer, and see if you can win (take it for us, it's possible).

Lottery Picker 1.0

Lottery Picker javascript can be used for any lottery system, or simply as a unique random numbers generator.
It allows you to specify how many numbers to randomly generate, and for the numbers themselves, the lower and upperbound (ie: ...

CSS Tableless Form 3.9

This code makes a tableless CSS form which you can use as a template for implementing your own lightweight form. It uses a combination of float and negative margins to create a two column layout for the form.
The code is compatible with ...

Recall Form Values Javascript 1.0

This script remembers the value entered into any form textbox (input form.="" comments="" blog="" or="" form="" a="" of="" field="" the="" as="" such="" each="" values="" same="" contain="" and="" visitors="" by="" repeatedly="" used="" get="" ...

Flashing form element 1.0

You could use this DHTML script to make certain form elements flash with glee.

Disable Submit 1.0

The form will just act normally for Netscape users.

Select (and copy) Form Element Script 1.0

Select (and copy) Form Element Script allows your surfers to easily select the contents of your form elements with this script. And just to outdo ourselves, we've also embedded in this script the ability to concurrently copy the content to ...

Recall Form Values script 1.0

This script remembers the value entered into any form textbox input type='text" by the visitor, and upon his/her return, preloads the textbox with that value.
It's very useful for forms that get used repeatedly by the same visitors and ...

Disable Text Selection script 1.0

Disable Text Selection script lets you disable text selection within any element on your page.