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Dynamic Drive

Drop-down Document Viewer 1.0

Use this versatile DHTML script to allow your visitors to select/ view external documents from your site. Specify whether the selected page is loaded in an inline frame or new window.
The selected pages are configured to load in an ...

Solid Block Menu 1.0

This script is compatible with all modern web browsers.

Textual tooltip Script 1.0

Use this script to provide textual information about a link(s)! Move the mouse over certain links, and accompanying text appears on the page describing the link.
The text can be HTML based (bold, italic etc). Browsers other than NS 4 or ...

Jim's DHTML Menu 5.7

Efficient and small in file size, it sports a number of impressive features:

Overlapping horizontal tabs 3.5

Using relative positioning and negative margins, this CSS code creates "overlapping" horizontal tabs that each snug up and slightly overlaps the tab to the left of it.
There is no mistaking the "selected" tab, with its raised look. Uses ...

Slide-In Menu Bar I 1.0

This script generates a menu bar that automatically slides open from the left edge of the screen as the surfer moves the mouse over it.
Moving the mouse out will cause the bar to slide back in. Browsers other than NS 4 and IE 4 will ...

Shade Image Tabs Menu 3.9

This is an attractive "blue shading" image tab menu.

Modern Bricks Menu 4.0

This is a modern looking, imageless horizontal menu. The selected menu item merges with the band below it to help it stand out even more.
As mentioned, the menu uses no images, making its customization a breeze. The menu can be used in ...

Ajax Tabs Content Script 2.2

- Supports multiple Ajax Tabs Contents on the same page.

Two level CSS Tabs menu 3.5

The script is compatible with all modern web browsers.

Tabs Menu 1.0

This script makes a mouseover tabs menu. You can move the mouse over designated links, and additional "sub links" appear beneath it. You could think of it as an inline two level menu.
The menu is easy to customize. As an example, the ...

Slashdot Menu 1.0

This script creates a stylish collapsible menu. Session-only cookies are used to remember the menu state.(whether it's expanded or not).

Accordion Menu 1.3

The script is easy to install, use and customize to suit your needs.

Sleek Pointer Menu 3.7

Sleek Pointer Menu is an inverted, round corner CSS menu bar with a cut-out pointer below each menu link.
The pointer is simply a transparent background image, automatically adopting to any background colors (in this case, black and ...

Cross-browser print button 1.0

The script is compatible with all major web browsers.

Button Vertical Menu 3.9

Button Vertical Menu script allows you to create a a slightly beveled button menu.

Context menu Script 1.0

With IE 5 and now NS6.1 , you can add a context menu to your webpage.

Wire Frame Menu 4.1

The script provides a very good compatibility with all modern web browsers.

Tabbed Document Viewer 1.0

Using a tabbed interface, this DHTML script lets you display external web pages inline on your page, with the help of the IFRAME tag.
It has a feature that allows the user to also load the webpage in the entire browser window when ...

Sliding Doors Tabs Menu 4.2

The "CSS" tab is highlighted, by giving its li container an ID of "current."