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Dynamic Drive

Random iframe content 1.0

Ideas for using this script are:

Daily iframe content 1.0

This script loads a different page into an iframe daily (out of 7 days of the week). Use it to serve up daily, changing content, such as a "tip of the day."
The script offers optional code to auto resize iframe based on height of content ...

Channel Mode Window Opener Script 1.0

Channel Mode Window Opener Script opens up a new window in channel mode, with the IE channel bar appearing on the left.
The script is very easy to implement into your website design. It can be easily customized to suit your needs.

George's Expandable ticker 1.0

Some features of this script are:

Floating iFrame 1.0

IFRAMEs are loved for their versatility in displaying any external content on the page painlessly. Well, this cool script creates a floating iframe, so it stays static and always in view even when the page is scrolled.
Display content ...

Auto Maximize Window 1.0

Auto Maximize Window is a simple script that automatically maximises the browser window when it is loaded within a webpage.

Collapsible Frame Script 1.0

This allows a frame to be tucked away when it's not needed

Bold CSS Buttons 1.0

The CSS code is compatible with all modern web browsers.

Live Background Previewer Script 1.0

This script is a live background previewer that allows surfers to instantly see how a background image will look like in a document.
If you click on any of the thumbnail images, and that particular image temporarily becomes the ...

CSS Popup Image Viewer 4.7

CSS is behaving more and more like scripting!

Conveyor Belt slideshow script 1.0

This cross browser image slideshow scrolls the containing images in a "conveyor belt" fashion.
Images can be set to click through to various URLs, and when the mouse moves over the "belt", it pa URLs, anthe visitor to interact.

CSS Image Drop Shadows 1.0

This script shows how to add a drop shadow to any container element using CSS and the help of a large shadow image in the background.
Virtually identical to the technique used to create a plain CSS shadow, the desired content is wrapped ...

Moving light on image Script 1.0

DHTML in IE 4 includes a multimedia feature that allows a light to be cast on any image and moved around. The light continuously moves from the right edge of any image to the left, than back again.
You can apply this light to ANY number ...

Pop-up image Script 1.0

This script creates the illusion of an elevated image by applying a shadow and shifting the image to the up and left.
When the user holds down the mouse, the shadow is deleted, and the image shifted back to its usual position.

Flying Bats script 1.0

This decorative script animates flying bats at any specified location on your webpage, and can be set to dismiss after x seconds.
The perfect script to implement on Halloween! Furthermore, since the images are changeable, you can easily ...

Featured Content Slider 2.3

- Multiple Featured Content Sliders per page supported.

Browser Earthquake 1.0

- The quake script is cross-browser functional- there's no escaping!

Drop-in Slideshow Script II 1.0

Drop-in Slideshow Script II hyperlinks each image, so you can associate a unique URL with each slide.
It shows a classic effect that works in both IE4 and NS6 , with a regular hyperlinked slideshow appearing for other browsers.

Book Flip Slideshow 1.0

- Slideshow can be set to either flip horizontally or vertically.

Depressible Image Link Script 1.0

This script makes an image link appear "depressed" as the mouse is held down on it. It is similar to rollover effects, only that the effect takes place when the mouse is down.