Rollover background-color button Dynamic Drive

Dynamic Drive

Pixelating Slideshow Script 1.0

This javascript is your regular hyperlinked image slideshow, except in IE5.5 that is.

Highlight image hover effect 3.9

This CSS code changes the opacity of any image link when the mouse moves over it using the "hover:" pseudo class of CSS.
The script can be implemented in various ways in your website navigation system. It provides a good compatibility ...

Rollover background-image button 1.0

Rollover background-image button script applies a (different) background image to any form button as the mouse moves over it.

Flexi slideshow 1.0

A quick breakdown of its features:

Time-based Progress Bar 1.0

- To create a countdown before navigating to a new page

Site Logo Script 1.0

- Fully customizable, from logo URL, alt text, to logo offset from browser edges

Drop-in Slideshow Script 1.0

This is your regular image slideshow, except each image is "dropped" into view! A classic effect that works in both IE4 and NS6 , with a regular slideshow appearing for other browsers.

Highlight Image Script 1.0

Highlight Image Script makes any image(s) appear dull before the mouse moves over it; as the mouse moves over it, the image changes to its original appearance.
This is a script controlled effect, so no altering is required to the actual ...

Preload Image Javascript 1.0

The script was tested on IE5, Firefox and Opera.

Gradual Highlight Image Script 1.0

Gradual Highlight Image Script makes any image(s) appear dull before the mouse moves over it; as the mouse moves over it, the image gradually changes to its original appearance.
You can use it to instantly add stunning onMouseover ...

Advanced Gallery script 1.0

This robust gallery script allows you to display and rotate entire blocks of HTML on demand. It displays images, text, or rich HTML in a dynamic manner.
You can set the script to automatically cycle through the contents like in a ...

Up-down Image Slideshow Script 1.0

The script shoul work in Internet Explorer 5, Firefox and Opera browsers.

Trembling message 1.0

Trembling message javascript draws attention to the important links.

Highlight image Script II 1.0

When you move your mouse over any of the images included in this script, a border is applied to it onMouseover.
The border color is customizable for each image. This script works in both IE 4 and NS 6 , and as always, degrades well ...

Special Effects upon Page Enter 1.0

With the introduction of IE 4.x, transitions came along.

Dynamic Splash Screen effect 1.0

One great feature of DHTML is its ability to render new text on a page without having to reload or go to a whole new page altogether.
This DHTML script allows you to set up a splash screen effect through only one page, regardless of the ...

Watermark Background Image Script 1.0

"Watermark" refers to a figure or design impressed to the paper and always visible in the background.
A watermark background image is very similar in concept to a watermark. It refers to an image that is statically positioned in the ...

Flying Cupids script 1.0

It is a suitable accessory to put up during special occasions such as Valentines.

Image Thumbnail Viewer II 1.0

This script loads and displays a larger image when a thumbnail is clicked on.

Glowing Text Script 1.0

This script adds flare and draws attention to important text on your page by making it glow.
It utilizes the glow filter of DHTML to first surround any text with a yellow "light", then uses scripting to make the light "come alive" and glow.