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Dynamic Drive

Flying ghosts script 1.0

Flying ghosts script presents your visitors animated ghosts that move arround on the screen.
You can spook up your webpage with this animation script. A bunch of ghosts swirl around while fading in and out at the same time! The effect ...

Right-To-Left Flying Image Script 1.0

This script causes any image to fly in from the right edge of the screen to its original position.

Flying Message Script 1.0

This script presents you a message that flies across the screen. HTML tags, such as links, and be embedded inside.
The message is an external html file that can be updated by anyone who knows basic HTML. If the surfer moves the mouse ...

Top-Down Curtain Script 1.0

This is a script that opens up two "panels" (up-down) as the surfer enters the page.

Upper Right Corner flying text Script 1.0

This script causes an enclosed text to fly in from the upper right corner of the screen to the original location of the text.

Boxing In Script 1.0

This is a script that creates a boxing-in effect as the surfer enters the page.

Bouncy message 1.0

This is an energetic little text script that bounces a message around your visitor's window screen.
Not only can you add HTML to the mix, but also, configure precisely the speed of the animation, and whether the message should disappear ...

Dropping Text Script 1.0

This script causes a line of text to drop down from the top of the screen,word by word, to the original location of the text.

Left-Right Curtain Script 1.0

This script opens up two "panels" (left-right) as the surfer enters the page.

Shake Image script 1.0

This script "shakes" an image when the mouse comes in contact with it. You could use it to add instant eye-popping effect to your image links. It works in IE4 and NS6 .

Cross Browser marquee 1.0

This script creates a cross-browser marquee with many features, such as configurable speed, background color, and option to pause scroller onmouse over.

Dragable elements Script 1.0

It simply gives these elements a class of "drag".

DOM Image Rollover II 1.0

DOM Image Rollover II script makes it easy to add rollover/ mousedown effects to any image on the page, including image submit buttons.
It automatically preloads images as well. Script works in all DOM capable browsers- IE5 , NS6 , Opera7 .

Bubble Effect 1.0

Bubble Effect creates moving blue bubbles on your webpage

Top-Down Stripy Curtain Script 1.0

This script opens up a "curtain" (up-down) as the surfer enters the page.

DOM XMLTicker 1.0

By combining DHTML with XML, this ticker script makes easy updating its contents, through an external XML file.
You must just open the file, and enter the desired messages to show. Plain text and links (with targeting) are supported, and ...

Ajax XML Ticker 1.0

This script is an Ajax enhanced ticker that lets you use a text file as the contents of the ticker to show.
You can easily define your messages, which support rich HTML, all inside this external text file. Due to Ajax limitations, the ...

Cool DHTML Tooltip 1.0

This is a practical, elegant DHTML tooltip script. Use it to display additional information about a link or any other element when the mouse moves over it. A customizable tooltip pops up, which works in all modern DHTML browsers- IE4 , NS6 , ...

Combo-Box Viewer 1.0

It comes with the following "convenience" features:

Left-Right Stripy Curtain Script 1.0

Left-Right Stripy Curtain Script opens up a blue "curtain" (sideways) as the surfer enters the page.