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Flash Combo Box link Selector 1.0

This component uses a PHP Script that generates XML data that is read into and parsed by Flash to populate the Combo Box Component.
In this case the XML data is a set of Link Names and URL's, you can use this to provide a quick ...

Customized List box Catalog 1.0

A short example on how to extend and customize the List Box

Flash Tree Menu Using Text file and LoadVars 1.0

A Flash Tree Menu Using Text file and LoadVars is a Flash Tree component Menu.

Radio Button Example 1.0

This example shows how to dynamically load groups of radio buttons into Flash

XML Radio with Flash MX dynamic MP3 loading 1.0

XML Radio with Flash MX dynamic MP3 loading script is a small example showing a XML Radio with Flash MX dynamic MP3 loading.

Parsing XML 1.0

As I was saying, actually parsing an XML document is very simple: one line of code

Marshalling Populations to XML 1.0

For many applications, some sort of marshalling mechanism can be very useful

DOM XML Example 1.0

DOM XML Example - Simple and straight forward DOM Example.

XML Processing with DOM and Perl 1.0

If you iterate recursively over a DOM tree (such as one provided by the XML::DOM Perl module), you need something like a computed goto to dispatch on node types, and, probably more important, different elements. For example, consider the ...


Most major parsers implement both SAX and DOM

Processing XML with Java 1.0

dom4j began as a fork of the JDOM project by one developer, James Strachan, who disagreed with several aspects of the JDOM architecture, including the decision to use classes instead of interfaces.

Build Your Own Lightweight XML DOM Parser 1.0

Microsoft's MSXML parser is rich in functionality, but in some cases a full-featured parser is too large for resource-limited environments. Don't count XML out yet though; you can write your own lightweight VB XML parser in fewer than 400 ...

XML.onLoad 1.0

This method invoked by the Flash Player when an XML document is received from the server

Processing Legacy File Formats with XML 1.0

Despite the many advantages in using XML as an interchange format for integrating business applications, for some time to come we can expect that several legacy formats will continue to be used in addition to XML. In such an environment it ...

Effective XML processing with DOM and XPath 1.0

Based on an analysis of several large XML projects, this article examines how to make effective and efficient use of DOM. Developer/author Tony Daruger provides a set of usage patterns and a library of functions to make DOM robust and easy to use.

DOM XML functions 1.0

The extension still contains many old functions, but they should no longer be used

XML Asia 1.0

DOM models a standard XML parser output (parse tree).

Writing an application for a SAX-compliant XML 1.0

See the file for a simple example

Expat XML Processor 1.0

This is an interface to James Clark's expat library for parsing XML documents

XML and SAX 1.0

XML and SAX - new Capabilities for C Programmers