Server Uptime MOD ycl6


Business Card MOD 1.0.2

This is a comprehensive Business Card modification.

Extended Private Message Notification 1.2.0

This MOD will allow receiver who enables e-mail notification when receiving new private message to have sender's username and message content included in the e-mail.

Category Icon with ACP Control 1.0.0

This mod allows admin to give each forum category a icon in the ACP. Icons will show on index

Forum Icon with ACP Control 1.1.0

This mod allow admin to give each forum an icon in the ACP. Icons will show on index, viewforum and viewtopic

Signature Length Based on Rank 1.1.2

Admin can set different signature lengths based on user's rank in ACP.

Configure Member Profile Required Fields 1.2.1

This mod allow admin to configure which information in member profile is required inside admin control panel. The required field will need to be filled in during registration and upon profile update.

Skype MOD 1.0.7

This mod display a skype button in your forum's viewtopic, viewprofile and admin can edit user's skype setting in user management panel.

Hashcalc MOD 1.0.1

This MOD will allow user to search for hash checksum for files that are on a selected location on the (phpBB) server.

Show Topic ID on Viewforum 1.0.1

This mod allows topic ID to be displayed in viewforum beside topic name. Screenshot in the package.

Forum Logo Selector MOD 1.0.4

This mod allow admin to select a logo use in overall_header in the admin control panel from a list of images

Forum Logo LinkOut MOD 1.0.4

This mod allow admin to link forum logo to an external webserver.

Admin Email notification on New Registration 1.0.5

With this MOD, email notification will be sent to a ACP-configured user (preferably administrator)

Delete User MOD 1.0.1

Admin can delete user from viewtopic, userprofile and memberlist

Lock Topic When Maximum Reply Reached 1.0.1

The auto lock settings are configurable inside ACP and on a per forum basis.

Configurable Username Length 1.1.1

This mod allow admins to set both the minimum and maximum username length in ACP

User Icon on Who Is Online 1.0.0

This MOD adds four types of icon besides the username in "Who Is Online" block

Installation Guide for Visual Confirmation 1.0

This guide tells you what to edit in your php files in order to use the Visual Confirmation MODification available inside your phpBB package (inside contrib folder)

User Selectable Logo 1.0.2

This MOD will all user to choose a pre-defined set of Header logo images in their profile. Admin can configure the image path that stores the logo images in ACP. Admin can set to allow logo selection in ACP.

Support Announcement MOD 1.2.4

This mod allow admin to show support status and details on forum. Most useful for webmasters hosting support forums.

Member Website List MOD 1.0.1

Display a list of members and their websites in a separate page