Show all files in a folder using the FileSystemObj Michael Wall

Michael Wall

Generate Random Password Function 1.0

The aplhanumeric character set is assigned to the variable sDefaultChars.

Retrieving the Visitors IP 1.0

Retrieving the Visitors IP Address script helps you to retrieve the ip addresses of your visitors.

Send an email with an attachment Using CDOSYS 1.0

Send an email with an attachment Using CDOSYS script shows how to send an email with attachment using CDOSYS.

Create a text file with ASP 1.0

Create a text file with ASP script allows you to create a text file with ASP using the File Scripting Object.

Block Multiple IP Addresses 1.0

If the address matches, then the visitor will be redirected to the page "no_access.asp".

Protection against SQL Injection Attack 1.0

Below is a simple function that will give you some protection against an SQL Injection attempt.
The sample script retrieves the form values entered into the textboxes 'txtUsername' and 'txtPassword' and assigns them to variables ...

VBScript Email Validation 1.0

Not only is it important to use Javascript client side validation it is also important to use server side (ASP) validation as well.
Visitors may have Javascript disabled in their browser so it's very important to use server side ...

Check value passed in the QueryString is Numeric 1.0

Check value passed in the QueryString is Numeric script simply checks that the ID value passed in the Querystring isn't empty and is numeric.

Server.Mappath Examples 1.0

Server.Mappath Examples script shows you how to use Server.MapPath.

Select Between Date range from Access Database 1.0

The database is called 'dbDate', the table 'tblDate' and date field 'dDate'

PayPal Sandbox IPN Script 1.0

The PayPal Sandbox is PayPal's test environment that lets you test your Instant Payment Notification script. You'll need to set up a PayPal developer account before you can create test accounts.
Once you have an account setup you can ...

Feedback form asp script 1.0

Feedback form asp script is a basic feedback form script.

VBScript Timer function 1.0

The VBScript Timer function returns the number of seconds that have elapsed since 12:00 AM (midnight).
In the code, the function TimeIt is called to pass in the parameter 10000 i.e. to loop ten thousand times. The Timer function will ...

Get the file name 1.0

Get the file name script returns the file name of the current page.

Replacing bad words in a string 1.0

Replacing bad words in a string script strips out any bad word(s) that you choose to enter into an array.

Send an email with CDOSYS in Text format 1.0

Send an email with CDOSYS in Text format script, using CDOSYS allows you tnd an emaails in text format.

Sending Email with the JMail component 1.0

Sending Email with the JMail component script allows you to send an email message in text format. To send the email in HTML format you will need to uncomment the line - JMail.ContentType = "text/html".

Recordset GetRows Method 1.0

The GetRows method of the Recordset object lets you retrieve the resultset and place into a two-dimensional array. The code then loops through that 2 dimensional array 'ArrResults' and displays the records.
The standard way to retrieve ...

Crop the first sentence 1.0

Using the Instr function we can check to find if there is a full stop in our string and if there is then find it's position. Next using the Left function you can return a specified number of characters from the left including the first full stop.

Dynamically Dependent Dropdown lists 1.0

Dynamically Dependent Dropdown limake dropt allows you to make dropdown lists.