Simpson's numerical integration Damien Garcia

Damien Garcia

Hybrid median filtering 1.0

B = HMF(A,N) performs hybrid median filtering of the matrix A using a NxN box.

Image segmentation using Otsu thresholding 1.0

IDX = OTSU(I) uses 2 classes (N=2, default value).

Polynomial curve fitting 1.0

· MATLAB 7.5 or higher

Noise variance estimation 1.0

· MATLAB 7.5 or higher

Robust spline smoothing for 1-D to N-D data 1.0

It offers a fast and robust spline smoother for data of any dimension.

Resize any arrays and images 1.0

Input and output formats: Y has the same class as X.

Discrete (co)sine transform (and its inverse) 1.0

Y = DCTN(X) returns the discrete cosine transform (DCT) of X.