Sitemap xoops


WF-Faq 1.0

Is smarty enabled,
Uses Xoops search,
This module is based on FAQ manager but has been totally re-written for use on Xoops v2. It should still be compatible with this earlier module by adding a few fields manually to the database.

WMP Downloads 1.0

Wmpdownloads is an adaption of the standard MyDownloads core xoops module, and is exactly the same except for one very different thing.
Wmpdownloads allows you to set group permissions on a per category, per sub catergory and per file ...

TechThemeConfig Bundle 1.0

Configurable Areas:

Donations 1.0

Xoops 2 Donations module, a Paypal IPN donation solution for the Xoops Content Management System.

Weather Block from VL 1.0

This is the old vlWeather migrated to Xoops2, with several bugs fixed.

Tiny Event 1.0

A small event calendar with many features!

XPress 1.0

- WordPress existing plugins still work

wsProject 1.0

A tool to plan and administrate your projects.

Tropical Mail 1.0

An excelent webmail client that allows your users to view their email on your xoops site. I've kept code changes limited to 3 files. That way I can update the iloha mail part and still maintain module integrity.

News Block 1.0

Administration through the block.

iSearch 1.0

The module's got a public interface and a private interface.

XOOPSPoll 1.0

This is the XOOPS Poll module with a small modification to allow blind polls.

xoops osCommerce 1.0

Xoops users are fully integrated without changing of core xoops system.

Contact Plus 1.0

This module allow to create your own 'contact us' form.

XBS Logger 1.0

XBS Logger is a Xoops module that implements an application logging capability for other Xoops modules. In common with many XBS modules, it is not meant to be used by itself but provides generic capabilities that many applications can use.


Xmail allows to send formated messages to user groups and admins to complement the send messages system in Xoops. It also allow you to pre-format messages following the xoops format patterns.
This module was completely based and optimized ...

Wiwi 1.0

- Integrated HTML editor (if navigator does'nt support it, uses Xoops editor)

XP-Weather 1.0

The famous weather module for xoops, working again but not all the stations are functional.

Xpjirc 1.0

This is the first module i have tryed to make and it is very simple.

Statistics 1.0

There are just a view basic statistics such as browser, os, registered users, active users and hits.