Sitemap xoops


Music Online 1.0

Music Online modules, simple and working music online/ Radio online from your web site.

Cjay Content 1.0

Wraps your content into the nice xoops design and creates a sideblock with links to it working with all browsers.

eXtCal for XOOPS 1.0

piCal is also a powerful calendar module for Xoops2. This module can generate iCalendar data dynamically, and can import via http or from a local file.
And piCal also has a little functions of group-ware. Of course, this module has ...

Content Module with custom page titles 1.0

This module works the same as original Content module except that I have added a custom page titles option.

C-HTML 1.0

Module to wrap HTML (and any others files) within the Xoops theme.

Magalerie 1.0

Magalerie is a photo album module with Thumb nails, voting system and ecards.

Mediashow 1.0

This module creates 2 blocks media: 1 video - 1 audio, it is enough to copy your media in a repertory and the module will create a drop-down list on the block.
In "Publishing block" you can regulate: height, width, autosize, autostart, ...

Galeria 1.0

A gallery for high traffic sites and high volume of photos

phpMyAdmin xoop 1.0

The phpMyAdmin module for XOOPS is intended to handle the administration of MySQL databases over the WWW.

XoopsChat 1.0

I did not create this module and the original credits are still intact but I have fixed many of the existing bugs that people are having problems with (hopefully ).

Online Count 1.0

Displays Legend of the Green Dragon Online Player Count in Xoops block.

Ziling Universal Chinese Language Encoding Convers 1.0

This is a universal PHP Website Chinese Encoding Conversion Tool with smart browser detection and very easy installation.
Ziling makes a transparent GB-BIG5, BIG5-GB conversion for any PHP website. No matter your internal encoding system ...

JCS Ýrtibat Form 1.0

JCS irtibat Form is a advanced contact form.

Module IRC 1.0

IRC Mod, based on the famous PJIRC applet, is a module that features an IRC applet integrated into your xoops portal. Version 2 let you change the server, the channels that are auto joined (disabling auto join is possible), enable or disable ...

Block Utils 1.0

This module gather some useful block to help site administration for Xoops

ShortURLs 1.0

This is a hack I'm using on my sites to convert Xoops urls into shorter urls which can be indexed by Search Engines.

myAlbum-P 1.0

This module was made with the slogan "Easy to use for even the beginners".

Aleatoire 1.0

Shows random images in a block

Personal Links Manager 1.0

Very handy and small script.

Xoopsshop osCommerce 1.0

XOSC is a Module Version of the famous open source shop osCommerce.