Sitemap xoops


EasyWeb 1.0

You can add content to all levels

Uservisit 2.31

The module is useful for webmasters performing SEO tasks.

Wiki 1.0

Pages are stored in the database

Xoops Avatar Maker 1.0

Although you may use then, copyright has not abandoned.

xcGallery for Xoops 1.0

Translation of xcGallery module for Xoops version 1.1 to the Spanish language.

Virus Flash 1.0

This module creates a sophosFlash block which contains the 10 latest virus warnings from and an index page with all retrieved virus alert links.
The alerts are retrieved from through an XML document that is read once ...

debaser 1.0

Any kind of multimedia files can be displayed / played if an appropriate player is available.

Glossaire 1.0

Glossaire V1 7 Pascal Le Boustouller

RMSOFT Downloads Plus 1.0

This version includes many advantages and new characteritics over version 1.2.

Enterprise-X 1.0

Enterprise-X is a Corporate Presentation module for Xoops Content Management System

Unreal Tournament 2003 Stats DB 1.0

The UT2003 Stats Database is a program for parsing logs from the game Unreal Tournament 2003 and storing them in a database, along with a web based stats viewer.
The system is written in PHP and currently works with MySQL database. ...

Code Data Management 1.0

Most business systems (and many non-business ones) rely on codes to codify data in their databases. You can think of common ones such as country codes, currency codes etc.
This is such a common task that a way of handling all code ...

MSN Messenger 1.0

Displays the msn messenger in a block.

Dropdown 1.0

Dropdown V0 2 0 Frankblack

zenTrackXoops 1.0

The installation is just a simple one bouton operation

SmartClient 1.0

SmartClient is an advanced Clients Management System for your XOOPS site.

WF-Quote 1.0

This is a 'Quotes' module similar to WF-FAQ and WF-Snippets.

SnX-Weather module 1.0

A module for Xoops.

SmartMedia 0.85 BETA

Every media file can be grouped in a category and/or folder.

Bluemoon.My File Manager 1.0

This module is the simple file manager for the above-mentioned 5 modules.