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Lykos Reviews 1.0

A simple reviews module.

Link to us 1.0

This module was modulated to Xoops 2 by melkahdor over at, and provides a means for visitors to easily link text, buttons, logos, banners and even news feeds from your site to their own.

MyEd2kFiles 1.0

Creates and manages your eDonkey links.

VirusInfo 1.0

The changes since the last version are that I've now included four blocks in the code, added a nice icon to the module, and changed the layout of the VirusInfo page. The new blocks show Top virus threats, an Alert monitor, and virus news.

WF-Channel 1.0

WF-Channel is a way of managing those pages of information that other modules just don't seem to fit.
You can keep together those 'about Us', 'Refer a Friend', 'Link to Us', Privacy Statements or just about any type of information that ...

Edito 1.0

Edito is a small module for managing static content and arranging it in an easy to use navigation

RM Soft Gallery 1.0

- Easy administration of the categories and the images.

Xtremguestbook 1.0

XtremUserGuestbook is adapted from e-xoops. With this module your members are allowed to have their own guestbooks with the possibility of administrating their guestbooks.
Since it is an adaption from e-xoops and due to the fact that my ...

Clock Calendar 1.0

Displays an analogue clock in a block, and at the click of a button it flips to a calendar.

Rha7 Downloads 1.0

Based in Xoops' MyDownloads module, it just adds options to allow you to specify a PayPal's seller's data and to redirect a user to PayPal to pay for the file before they can download it.

Community Bulletin Board 1.0

XOOPS Community Bulletin Board

Dictionary 1.0

Dictionary (glossar) modul with templates and notification.

Agnitio Virus Info 1.0

- window/IIS supported.

User Points 2 1.0

Classify members per points.

Articles module for XOOPS2 1.0

- Supports XOOPS/Smarty templates.

Content Relations MGR 1.0

This is a very simple but powerful enough module to help web site admins to better organize existing portal content and also represent visitors with an extra information block {Related...} what keeps a short link list to this site other pages ...

DAO Class generator 1.0

It is used in Xoops administrator module.

Real Television 1.0

Television on your site in RealVideo.

Tips and Tricks Module 1.0

Here's a tips and tricks module for Xoops 2.

Shortcuts 1.0

With this module, your users can add every page, of your website, they want inside an internal shortcuts manager. As a webmaster, you can limit the number of shortcuts per user and you can also limit the title's length.
It's very useful ...