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Narga's Guestbook Modules for Xoops 1.0

Another guestbook module for Xoops 2.xx

Dbtools 1.0

Allows you to optimise and backup your sql tables from the admin area.

iMenu 1.0

A much more flexible menu block with permissions and targets-link-options (_self, _blank, etc.).
What's new :
- lang support
- some bug fixes
- new admin form

MC Subscriptions 1.0

MC Subscriptions is a module in which you can charge users to access certain areas of your website.

xLink 1.0

The links will be displayed in an extra block.

DokuWiki for XOOPS 1.0

DokuWiki for XOOPS is a XOOPS module based on DokuWiki, using DokuWiki syntax and XOOPS group permissions.
DokuWiki is a standards compliant, simple to use Wiki, mainly aimed at creating documentation of any kind. It is targeted at ...

xHelp 1.0

xhelp is designed as a user-friendly helpdesk application for the XOOPS portal system.

XoopsGallery 1.0

With XoopsGallery you can easily create and maintain albums of photos via an intuitive interface within your XOOPS portal system.

EU VAT Checker 1.0

Download and read the install.txt file for installation instructions and documentation

SnX DWodp Xoops DMOZ Integrator 1.0

What is DWodp live?: DWodp live is a free PHP powered script which allows you to dynamically insert a pre-populated web directory to your website.
You have full control over the easy to edit templates and PHP source code so you can ...

Estadisticas 1.0

It shows the statistics of the site in a block

Optimize 1.0

Optimize your mysql tables to reduce database size

weblinks : xoops link module 1.0

This is more powerful than mylinks, and upper compatible for mylinks.

Job Listings 1.0

There is now a section to add resumes - (.doc or .pdf), and to view resumes.

MS-Weather 1.0

Auto selection of the server for the extended forecasts.

Blocks Administration for XOOPS 1.2

Users with the System permission for Blocks can add blocks and set permissions and module admins for this module can then edit them - according to said permissions.

Chiefbutz's Chat Module 1.0

Easy to configure, and very easy to use! I have fixed it since the old site for the chat is gone.

XtremUserGuestbook 1.0

With this module your members are allowed to have their own guestbooks with the possibility of administrating their guestbooks.

Myiframe 1.0

A modified version of the original module developped by King.

ArMS 1.0

- 4 level data strucure: