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FreeContent WebDigest 1.0

FreeContent allows you not only to present easily a variety of contents but also to make concept/topic oriented WebIntelligence, to organize community discussion with always up to date and fresh content and information.
Freecontent ...

WF-Snippets 1.0

Needing to put short pieces of text on your website? This could be code, book or basically anything type of snippets you want to give to your users. WF-Snippets is easy to use, clean interface and will allow you to have content on your website ...

XOOPS Info Module 1.0

The module is designed to be a useful tool in administering your XOOPS site. The information provided will assist in determining whether or not certain modules will work with your configuration. It will also prove useful when debugging, or if ...

Random Quotes Module 1.0

This module add a block that show a random quote

T-TechTools 1.0

HTML to JS - Convert your html code to javascript.

xDirectory 1.0

It features multiple categories and sub-categories, address, city, state, zip, and phone listings. It includes a place for website but only activated if a website address is in the DB.
This is a Beta version and should only be used for ...

Metamoteur 1.0

Meta tag generator for Xoops

myMenu 1.40

myMenu module allows you to displays an individually configurable menu in a block.

Content 1.0rc1

- FCKEditor - I replaced SPAW with the cross browser FCKEditor. If you have ASPELL installed on the server, FCKeditor will allow you to spell check your content areas.
- Priority - I've changed the way the ...

News Fileup 1.0

I modified XOOPS news module to more easily about file upload and attach

Fun Videos 1.0

Fun movies to be viewed by your site's visitors

Article Management System 1.0

AMS is a highly modified version of the News 1.2 for Xoops, and adds a huge amount of features to give the webmasters a lot more control over their content while still maintaining an easy to understand and use interface.
AMS is highly ...

MyConference 1.0

This module will help you organize a congress or conference.

PBB xoops 1.0

PHP Bulletin Board Module for XOOPS.

Comments Search Module 1.0

The Comments Search module is a module for the XOOPS website content management system.

Stockbox 1.0

This side box cycles through stock information for whatever stock symbols you feed it

WordPress ME 1.0

There currently is not any English documentation for this module

Symantec Alert Block 1.0

The Symantec Alert Block is a block-based module for Xoops . When installed and visible, it displays the latest alerts from Symantec's Anti-Virus Research Center (SARC).

SS-yahoonews 1.0

Fresh news on your website with descriptions, without any effort from your part.

XF Guestbook 1.0

XF Guestbook is a very complete guestbook :