Sitemap xoops


My Reviews 1.0

All efforts have been made to have the module work with PHP Globals off.

XOOPS DB Backup & Restore 1.0

Simple backup tool in a block to make a backup of your xoops mySQL database. You can create a zip or plain SQL files and this files can you download or email or save only on your website.

Random media 1.0

This module adapted from randomquote module

Xoops Protector 1.0

This module can protect four kind of attacks like:

Xoops BFSTATS 1.0

Records stats for all BF1942 mods

weBLog 1.0

Main new function is trackback system which many Blog system are already equipped with.

iContent 1.0

iContent is a html page management module with a lot of features like:

Multimenu 1.0

Multimenu allows you to have up to 8 menus setup on your xoops site, you can also use dynamic sub-links and remote links.

Addresses module 1.0

Head categories and sub-categories.

XOOPS Multilanguages 1.0

XOOPS Multilanguages is a SEVERELY HACKED version of XOOPS allowing you to create multilingual site.

Category Hack 1.0

This is version 1 of a news-module hack for xoopsRC3 which will allow you to create mutliple news categories instead of posting all news on a single news page.

XT-Conteudo 1.0

There are a WYSIWYG Editor (Spaw) totally integrated that run with Internet Explorer. Contains 4 menu blocks for your choice (Tree Menu, Menus with Submenus (DHTML), List Menu and a XOOPS Menu standard).

PopnupBlog 1.0

User can own several blogs. Admin can set a max blogs ($maxuserblogs) in pop.ini.php

XoopsHP 1.0

This is the first public release. Some of the future plans for improvement include:

Urgence 1.0

See know bugs to take care of the installation and to help me.

Wakka 1.0

A WikiWikiWeb is a site where anyone can edit the pages through an HTML form

BopComments 1.0

This module offers a page & block that displays newly information on the entire site inclusively.

Detente RC3 1.0

Simple module that displays a list a games

Liga Manager Online 1.0

With this script you can offer a result service to your visitors over your favourite leagues. The entire administration of the leagues runs off thereby directly on the server; They register only the results and your visitors received ...

Poll Renamed Version 1.0

I'm renaming xoopspoll module to poll module, so ( xoopspoll and poll ).