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google 1.0

Search form in a block and searchresult in a iframe on Google page

Survey 1.0

Allows for easy creation of single-page surveys with custom questions and ordering.

Theme Changer 1.0

- You can set a theme just for the top page of your site.

Xmonitor 1.0

A module for tracking uservisit useraction especially if there are more than one admins for a module
This Mod Is adapted from the MOD uservisit. It will allow us to trap user activity eg: which user deleted / modified that post/blog. I ...

Xoops Wap Addon 1.0

Its a addon for Xoops to view serveral modules data on a WAP site.

Camportail 1.0

Webcams presentation module adapted from xoops v1.

Alumni 1.0

This Module has entries for :

Eskuel xoop 1.0

A MySQL Manager for xoops admin area.

Sahra SpeedTest 1.0

Internet Dsl Speed Test Modules.

digMod Search Engine 1.0

DigMod is a port of phpDig to a Xoops module.

X-phpBB 1.0

phpBB Module - Message Board

WF-Sections with PDF support 2.07

This is a tweaked version of WF-Sections with PDF support.

Kshop 1.0

There are some things that this version doesn't do:

Mantis Bug Tracker 0.18.3

Please read the README_XOOPS file for instructions on upgrading and installation.

XBS ModGen 1.0

Ever wanted to write a module for Xoops but don't know where to get started? Are you writing for Xoops and find the initial module setup tasks boring or tedious?
This module writes a complete module skeleton for you and enables you to ...

Docmanager 1.0

This module allow you to operate a documentation center that user can access

tplleaguestats 1.0

This module allows you to easily manage the league of your favourite team and show your supporters detailed statistics on multiple seasons too.

WebMailFX 1.0

WebMailFX 1.0RC2b is here!

XOOPS Info Script 1.0

The script shares the same functionality as the module except it is designed to be used if you cannot access the admin section of your website.