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ArchContact 1.0

Just unzip and upload to module folder

Chess 1.0

Module that allows users to play chess games against each other

SnX MetaSearch 0.4

- xoops_pagetitle update for better referencing

Wiwimod 1.0

Wiwi is a wiki module for Xoops , offering smart editing features and a fine access control to the content. Use it as a "plain" wiki for collaborative documentation, or to build a web site with read_only and editable sections upon user ...

Slot Management System 1.0

ASMS is A Slot Management System I wrote last year for a well-known British Telco who use it as a simple tool to manage advertising slots in their regular emails and events.
It's fairly easy to see how to modify the code for any generic ...

TreemenuXL 1.0

Just install this module as a normal Xoops module.

XAsset 0.88

One major departure from the norm is using the Smarty engine for all admin screens.

sqMail 1.0

sqMail is the Xoops variant of SquirrelMail

Smallstore 1.0

It allows you to arrange your products in a wysiwyg editor such as FrontPage, Dreamweaver,etc and then copy that code onto these pages.
That way you can arrange your products to your liking. Just make sure you copy your content into the ...

newbb fileup 1.0

This is a compatible forum module of newbb

Diffusion Center 1.0

This module allows you to send email with files to the users of your site

C-JAY Reviews 1.0

This Beta should already be stable and ready to be used on productive systems

xLanguage 1.0

- converting content from one character encoding set to another

Xoops Planet 1.0

Major features:

Analog clock 1.0

Java based Analog clock which displays in a block

Metacat 1.0

MetaCat directly manipulates database tables belonging to other modules of your Xoops installation.
Not reading the install instruction increases the risk of permanent damage to your website.

Supports 1.0

With this module your visitors can show the news of your website in MSN messenger

SaveDB 1.0

Dump your Mysql Database.

ecoTut 1.0

WF-ECB ecoTut is a question-answer and tutorial module (FAQ-Tut => Tut) where you can give your users information to frequently asked questions, or give a complete instruction about many subjects like informatics, how to make a cake... All in ...

Team 1.0

Module for Clan Management