Sitemap xoops


RSSFit 1.0

RSSFit generates RSS 2.0 validated XML feed

Subscription Module for XOOPS 1.0

The subscription module allows you to create and manage subscriptions for your XOOPS content. When a user "purchases" a subscription, he or she is added to the XOOPS security group that the subscription's type is assigned.

Xoops Tools 1.0

It's basically a collection of online converters and tools.

Catads 1.4

Principal characteristics:

Xt - Themes 1.0

In the admin section you have some extra features to be shown in the theme block:

Zen Cart xoop 1.0

1 - Language Integration

MLSFriends 0.1

This module allows your members to:

XMline 1.0

It could be considered as an improved XoopsHeadline module.

Random Quotes 1.0

This is a minor modification of the Random Quotes module developed by Mario Figge

Quizz xoop 1.0

A powerful quizz module adapted from postnuke by Moumou and Pascal Le Boustouller.

PP-News 1.0

Here is a newsletter module ported from Postnuke : PP-News.

resmanager 1.0

Resmanager is a module of reservation.

Direct Friends 1.0

The English translation is not great and the module's quite buggy.

Bluemoon.Multi-Survey 1.0

- Edit by Browser: You can makes any kinds of form without enginner skill.

VideoBB 1.0

You (and your users) can access these movies thru sharing but might be you

Zentrack Xoops 1.0

This release incorporates the following major features:

MyTutorials 1.0

- creation of groups in each category (optional)

Crystal Icons for XOOPS Core 1.0

For those of you who might enjoying Crystal Icons on Xoops, here's a file you may use.

Lykos Syndication Module 1.0

A fixed version of the Lykos Syndication Module. It provides RSS and JS feeds from New, Links, Downloads and Lykos Reviews (still in beta) Modules. Both cached of course.

XooPopChat 1.0

1.Open a pop window for chat. You can operate XOOPS separately.