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Flash Music Player 1.0

Flash Music Player Modules

Avantgo 2.14

With AvantGo the latest news can displayed on your PDA.

Chat MX 1.0

- Public and private mesages

PD-Downloads 1.0

This new features make it easier for you to administrate the module.

Guestmap xoop 2.00

User can place an icon and a message on a map. On the "admin" side it is possible to delete or edit the messages.
You have to adapt the file gm_conf.js for configuration of images and other stuff. Don't forget to chmod this file to 444 ...

SmartFAQ 1.0

SmartFAQ is an advanced Question and Answers management system for your XOOPS site: it provides interactive features that allow the Web administrator and site users to post and respond to questions and answers.

XBS MetaTags 1.0

Generate meta keywords in your Xoops site pages header block on the fly dependent on the content of your page.
This requires you to hack footer.php and add one line but beyond that everything else is controlled from the administration ...

WikiMod 1.0

WikiMod is a light-weight Wiki implementation with seamless integration into Xoops

Php AddsNew 1.0

A professional banner system for the people that need professional banners.

Formulaire - form generator 1.0

You can do forms (forms stored in database, the answers too )

XToyuN 1.0

This module includes free flash games.

Xoops Chat 1.5

This module offers XOOPS users the possibility to talk to each other inside a chat room.

Book Lists 1.0

Using the LINK to cover both books and URL is too cumbersome, and I lose the ability to show a BOOK LISTS item on the menu.
I have asked for a similar module, or the possibility of cloning one. Someone suggested I look into it myself, and ...

Skype users simple block-module 1.0

Module that adds a block that allows to make different options characteristic of Skype, as receiving a call, to add you to their contact list, to see your profile, etc.

newBB 2 1.0

The Xoops forum newBB retreaded to have more features

Trackback 1.0

In this module add to XOOPS function, Records and Display trackback information.

Zina 1.0

Zina is a graphical interface to your MP3 collection, a personal jukebox, an MP3 streamer. It is similar to Andromeda, but released under the GNU General Public License.

Evennews Mailer 2.1

It provides an email newsletter functionality to the Xoops CMS.

Digest 1.0

Features: - Supported fetch methods: CURL, fsockopen, fopen

Online Members 1.0

It makes possible to show the users on-line in site, with Avatar and icon to send Private Message and Ip address optional, how many membres view, etc...