Small Reservation CMS with setup file for easy installation Claudio Biesele

Claudio Biesele

PHP Basket Class with OOP eCSess_01_07

Use sessions and classes to store shop data

Handle remote data with PHP 5 and REST Web service fp_websrest_sm_02

Remote CRUD handling (create, retrieve, update, delete) with DOM XML extension

Menu Handling Class with SimpleXML and PHP 1.0_XML_MenuClass_CB

Create navigation menu with sub elements in no time

Combine XML, Files and SQLite with PHP 5 XMLFileSQLite_100608

Take a text file, a XML file and the SQLite database from PHP - and create a small web application

PHP calendar with AJAX driven agenda cb_cal_ajphp_04

See how PHP, OOP and AJAX make a handshake in a web based calendar

Dynamic Elements Processor with PHP 5 dep_01_09

A very small script that offers an effective way to create elements for your website dynamically

Advanced Form Handling with PHP PHP_CB_FH_1.0

Disabling, enabling, show and hide several controls and tables depending on validation status